Winter Wednesdays– In the Clinic

The football season is officially over, however that does not mean the concussion risk is gone.  Yes, it will be reduced slightly, but awareness is continued and the importance of an athletic trainer is underscored more.  During the winter months we will spend time blogging about the life of an athletic trainer, what I do, and what we can do for schools.

Dustin has written some about his “days in the life” and with National Athletic Training Month upon us, I thought I’d share what my current job is like as well. 

Like Dustin, I am an athletic trainer working in a physical therapy clinic and providing outreach services to local high schools.  I have worked a large amount of hours in the fitness centers, but I also spend a good amount of time working in the physical therapy area as well.  This is in addition to being at the high school one day week plus varsity games.  Now that spring season has begun (yesterday here in Illinois) things will begin to pick up; running between baseball, softball, girls’ soccer, and the occasional track practice.  But I have more recently added additional responsibilities in the physical therapy clinic.

As many surely know, athletic trainers are not “billable” providers in the physical therapy setting, but in our Continue reading