Concussion Series from Illinois and Christopher Heimerman have been posting a series about concussions recently, legend found HERE.  Recently Heimerman took on the angle of athletic trainers as they relate to the “Hidden Injury”, concussion.  On the jump there is an interview with Sterling High School Athletic Trainer, Andi Sumerfelt seen here;

If you go to YouTube to watch it, it should bring up the series of videos that go along with the stories on

There was one column that caught my eye – both personally and professionally – athletic trainers in high schools;

Not having an athletic trainer is forgivable. Refusing to acknowledge the need for one? That’s different.

I sat down with Dixon School District Superintendent Mike Juenger and Athletic Director Jon Empen, hoping for some answers about what life was like after Andi Sumerfelt lost her job, and Dixon lost her free services as athletic trainer.

This is a common theme lately, athletic trainers losing their jobs at hospitals and hospitals no longer providing a service for free.  Schools are either faced with losing the coverage completely or pay for a reduced coverage.  In this column Dixon Continue reading