Remember Chris Horner?

If you recall during the Tour de France there was a couple of bike wrecks that ended cyclists run at the Yellow Jersey.  One in particular involved Chris Horner, he was caught on video after the stage with obvious signs of a head injury/concussion.  Hearing that he wanted to continue was not a surprise, as most athletes will do anything to keep on going, what has since become clear via his own writing/blog is how bad he was;

The first thing I remember following my crash on Stage 7 of the Tour de France was sitting in the hospital bed talking to the team doctor. The only problem was, it was the NEXT morning! I was mid-sentence in my conversation with Dag when I finally became conscious of where I was and what was going on. Before that, whatever conversation we’d had, whether it was after the race, on the way to the hospital, or even in the hospital, I don’t remember having. Who Dag was talking to all that time, I don’t really know, but he said the guy sounded and acted just like me, strangely enough!

As you read through the story you will find that he was hurt Continue reading

Tour de France: 7 Stage Update

I know I have not been on top of the Tour, but honestly as a sports fan I usually try to find time to watch some of each stage (I guess with a third child something has to go, ha).  However, last night I was bombarded by concussion news from the Tour de France from around the world, via email and tweets.  I would like to say thanks to everyone that passed along the information, a special thank you to Bill from Australia.  There has been two high-profile head injuries resulting in very intriguing coverage from international press.  Let me add to this, that the CDC (the statistic gatherer in America), has cycling as the NUMBER ONE activity that causes brain injury for all AGES.

Here is what has happened for those of you that do not follow cycling, it started in Stage 5 when Tom Boonen from Belgium crashed and continued in the stage and race the next day.  However after starting Stage 7 he abandoned the race due to his headache;

Boonen sat down to talk with the press but this clearly wasn’t his usual self. He was pale and talked quietly. Almost at the same moment, Cavendish crossed the line after winning the stage’s final bunch sprint. It didn’t matter much to Boonen.

“I’ve got a huge headache,” said Boonen. “Every kilometre was one too many. I was wondering, ‘who am I pleasing by continuing?’ Not myself, that’s for sure.

“I was a danger for the other riders, too. I think I suffered a concussion. Noise, colours… I couldn’t stand them. A honking car that passed was echoing a thousand times in my head. Yesterday was a dark day – due to the rain – and maybe that’s why it went better.” Continue reading