Terry Ott: CFL Follies

If you recall a few weeks ago I posted a request for some help for a journalist, Terry Ott of Canada.  It was simple, if anyone who reads this is a former Canadian Football (CFL) player or knows a former CFL’er, could they contact Mr. Ott for a story he is doing on concussions in that subset of professional football.  The good news was that people responded, albeit a small number, it was more than he was able to find doing his journalistic thing.  It made me happy that this blog could help out someone looking for information, because that is why it occupies a space.  But…………..

In the post below, that Mr. Ott wrote, you will see that by using this blog it may have stonewalled any help from the CFL, its Players’ Association or the Alumni Association.  Mr. Ott titled this post “CFL Follies” and I cannot think of a better title for what you are about to read.

Without further ado, Mr. Ott;


I’d imagine that most reading this Blog will have heard of League of Denial.

But, I doubt you have heard of League of Non Denial, Denial.

Because after three months of dodge-ball dealing with the CFL about the concussion issue past, present and future, I was, after some initial boiler-plate information given in October, told today that my follow-up questions were “loaded” and would not be addressed by the CFL. (The questions are at the bottom of this post, and you can make up your own mind if they were “loaded,” or not.)

In addition, the CFLPA will no longer respond to my Continue reading