In Retrospect not the First Concussion for Catcher

Sometimes sustaining a concussion can bring back memories of other similar injuries, that at the time did not register as concussions, the most recent case is Josh Thole of the New York Mets, Andy Martino of New York Daily News;

Josh Thole returned to Citi Field Tuesday for the first time since suffering a concussion in Philadelphia last week, bringing news both positive and alarming: The catcher has been symptom-free since Friday, but estimated that he has already suffered three or four concussions in his professional career.

“I don’t know the grading system of a concussion, but I got whacked pretty good in ’07 and ’08,” said Thole, 25. “The one in 2007 I think was more significant, just because I had vomiting and stuff like that. In 2008, it was more whiplash than anything, but I think it was still graded a concussion.”

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