A New Helmet Design

And it can look “cool” too!  Bulwark, a Seattle-based company, is building the necessary information to bring their product to the game of football.  Their helmet has been on WIRED.com and most recently ESPN Page 2 as written by Paul Lukas.

Whenever you talk about concussions, you inevitably end up talking about helmets. The problem, of course, is that most attempts to create a more concussion-proof football helmet have looked impossibly dorky, from the ProCap (almost universally referred to as the “Great Gazoo” helmet) to the more recent Gladiator. Most players would rather get knocked out cold than wear something like those.

Ah, but what if a safer helmet could also look totally badass? Specifically, what if it could look like this:  LINK

Everyone should head over to the ESPN link above to take a look.  Lukas was kind enough to link my work, so he needs to be the one to fully explain the new helmet idea.