Another Blogger Thinks More Education Is Needed

Sporting Jules, presumably from Colorado was watching the Broncos/Bills preseason game last night and had some immediate observations on a hit that was penalized.  Rookie safety Rahim Moore of the Broncos hit wide receiver Donald Jones on the sideline that resulted in a flag.  Jules wrote about it on her blog;

By “hit/tackled,” I could have said “helmet-to-helmet hit” or “unbelievably illegal shot to the head,” and I wouldn’t have been wrong.

Two things bothered me greatly in this play’s immediate aftermath:

  • Despite the fact that Jones fell to the ground with his arms in a stiff posture and his helmet partially knocked off by the hit, local Broncos announcers never ever uttered the word “concussion.”  Instead, several minutes later, Continue reading

Trent Edwards Gets Released

Why would this be The Concussion Blog news?  Well, its more of a theory and observation than news, just stick with me here…

In 2008, Edwards was a very good quarterback for the Bills, and progressing well, until this hit by Adrian Wilson, then of the Arizona Cardinals.

Edwards was never the same after that hit and now he is looking for work.