Wristband for Concussion Cause

We have highlighted the works of good people on the website many times.  I am particularly excited to promote Save Your Brain once again.  This time for their wristband campaign.  Gonoude’s previous write-up was excellent (see here), but we may have missed the opportunity for anyone to feel a part of the cause.

I spoke with Brandon Drummond (co-founder) of SYB and wanted to help out with spreading the word on the “bling” anyone can purchase.  Neither us nor SYB has the means currently to purchase them through a website, but you can contact them directly at weheartbrain@gmail.com to purchase the bands (make sure you indicate you were referred via The Concussion Blog), I believe they are $5 each with shipping and handling as necessary (picture below).  Here is a quick quote from SYB about their wristbands; Continue reading