March Is A Great Month

Not only is the month of March devoted to honor and make people aware of the wonderful profession of Athletic Training it also coincides with Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Could there be a better combination?  I would think not!

The US Army has put out a press release on brain injury awareness I thought I should share it with you; Continue reading

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is a very busy month in sports; NFL Labor issues, MLB Spring Training, NHL and NBA Playoff pushes, National Athletic Training Month, and Brain Injury Awareness Month.  It is important to use the 31 days in the month to explore and spend time on all of the above, as each one will impact ALMOST every single one of us reading this.

The focus of this post is the Brain Injury Awareness, this also includes concussions, which is encompassing of every walk of life.  The John C. Lincoln Health Network is sponsoring a “Social Media Contest” to promote the month.

Each day during the week of March 7, go to, read the question of the day and post your answer on John C. Lincoln’s wall. The questions are themed around brain injury prevention and appeal to several audiences.

“We see too many brain injuries come through our trauma center that could have been prevented,” said Lori Moxon, RN, BSN, injury prevention outreach coordinator of Trauma Services. “Brain injuries can be easily prevented if we take simple precautions in our everyday lives. Things such as wearing a helmet on a motorcycle or a bicycle, keeping age appropriate children in car seats and staying off your cell phone while driving are just a few examples.”

Although this Health Network is focusing on the routine of bike riding and driving in a car the point is simple; Continue reading