Lend Assistance Down Under

I was contacted by a group, Brain Injury Australia, Australia’s peak brain injury advocacy body representing, through its Member organizations in each of Australia’s States and Territories, the needs of people with a brain injury, their families and careers.  More specifically Nick Rushworth the Executive Officer; he was seeking information from this side of the Pacific about concussions.  Brain Injury Australia is attempting to get as much information as possible to create a policy paper on sport-related concussions for the government.  As Nick put in a later email;

The Australian Government is expecting Brain Injury Australia to be able to evidence that it has consulted widely in regards to the policy paper’s contents, so anything you can do to distribute my email as far and as wide as you can I would really appreciate.

So I am asking for all of your (athletic trainers, doctors, researchers, parents, coaches, et al) help on this one.  You can either answer the below questions in the comment section or you can email your responses to me and I will pass them along to Nick, his deadline is the 27th.  Here are the questions he has posed (please only answer not critique the question); Continue reading