Video Game Testing and Rehab

Using the video game platform from Nintendo, the Wii, is not novel as much as it may be possibly underused.  One of the first posts on this blog dealt with the usage of the Wii at two different universities, on a trial basis.  What brings me back to this topic; a search earlier this month revealed an article from February of last year and the usage of the Wii at a high school in Pennsylvania;

Testing high school athletes for concussion symptoms is a serious business, but one way the Haverford School athletic training staff is accomplishing this is through a game – Nintendo Wii Fit Plus.

The Wii Fit Plus module contains several games that require balance and coordination – some even require thinking, processing and then quick decisions translated into body movements.

This is what some people are now calling “Wii-hab” from a concussion.

“There are only a few colleges that I know of who are using the Wii as part of a concussion protocol, and I am not aware of any high schools in our area that are using it [for that purpose] yet,” said Haverford School athletic trainer Bill Wardle.

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