Vick RTP Debate

Clearly the decision to let Mike Vick play this week has come under some scrutiny from many sources.  I have been asked many times my thoughts on this issue as well; it is much more difficult to take a stance on something that really none of us know first hand.  That being said there is no reason anyone cannot give an opinion on the matter.

Barbara Barker of Newsday sought out two opinions; one from a former player and another from an authority in concussions;

“I’m going to be watching him to see how he responds after he gets hit,” said former Giants linebacker and Hall of Famer Harry Carson, who suffered multiple concussions in the course of his career and has been diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. “I’m sure he’ll go out there and do well, but if he doesn’t and gets hit the right way, there’s no telling what might happen.”

“Frankly, even from a fan’s perspective and even with someone as good as Michael Vick, I would have been happier to see them err on the side of caution,” Nowinski said. “Another concussion right now is the worst-case scenario. Michael Vick could be the Sidney Crosby of the NFL.”

I believe that there are more than Carson, Nowinski, and myself Continue reading