Canada’s National Pastime Part II

Courtesy of Jason's Ice Oasis Photos

Dr. Echlin spoke yesterday, as we blogged about, and the information he gave was startling for those that love hockey. He stated that concussions occurring in hockey may be seven times higher than in current literature.

In his study he followed two junior hockey teams with these reports, found in an article by Argus-Press;

Seventeen players had a total of 21 concussions during 52 physician-observed games, with almost one-quarter of those occurring among players involved in on-ice fights, say the researchers, whose study is published in the November issue of the journal Neurological Focus.

Dr. Echlin went on to say that 69% of the hits that caused concussions were blows to the head and 29% of the players sustained a second concussion.

Paul Melia, CEO of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports in Ottawa, described the incidence of concussions in the study “alarming and disturbing” and deemed it “a siren call to action for parents, for coaches, for hockey association executives at all levels in the system.”

It is work by Dr. Echlin and others in this field that is promising for the protection of athletes. And with coverage from news outlets, the word is spreading and awareness is raising.

In no fashion should the sports we love and crave be dismantled, but the concern for concussions need to be addressed for no other purpose than the youth. The rise in concussions is something that many are trying to figure out, but awareness and education is the common theme, as well as keeping the young safe. Remember that you only have one brain.