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Although the information on this blog at times can seem like it is based in opinion, that is truly not the case.  A vast majority of the education and awareness comes from much smarter individuals that spend time in the research field discovering things.  The largest problem with brain injury, especially concussions, is that we do not fully understand the dynamics of the human brain; secondarily we struggle with the exact concept of the injury.  More and more research is “hitting the press”, however it is geared toward/written for an audience that has background in science.

The occasional article will get media coverage that can redefine the information so it can be consumed by the public, similar to what is being done here.  Frankly, the general public (see coaches, teachers, parents, athletes) rarely spends time in the journals for information.  That is what ATC’s, MD’s, DO’s, PhD’s, etc. are for, right?

Recently the Annals of Biomedical Engineering (ABME) ran a special edition compiling 21 different articles as it relates to concussion from various authors.  The information is from a wide variety of perspectives: sports biomechanics, to automobile safety, to military blast events.  The online version of this issue was released earlier this month and it will be in print January 2012.

Here is a list of the articles (with links to abstracts); Continue reading