Correct Information Is Key

I was forwarded this article from Michelle Trenum as she continues to help The Concussion Blog in getting the proper message out.  As she noted there were many concerning things written in the way of awareness.  We will break down the article appearing in the Amarillo Globe-News by Ricky Treon;

Sargent had the longest hospital stay. He was released from NWTH at about 6 p.m. Saturday with a severe concussion but no permanent damage after an MRI found no swelling or bruising near his brain, said his father, Jason Sargent.

“He’s got a severe headache and his neck is very sore,” Jason Sargent said.

Zach Sargent was taken off the field in a helicopter during McLean’s home game against Motley County.

The first issue we see is that “no permanent damage” Continue reading