NFL Concussion Analysis, YOU Can Help (UPDATED List)

UPDATE: The initial list has been narrowed down to 6 5 players Initial list is complete, efforting the rest of the helmets…  If anyone is liking this research and wants to do more contact me and I will forward you another part of the complete

Through the season we have brought you The Concussion Report for the NFL, citing the concussions in the league and giving you statistics along the way.  During the first week of the playoffs, I asked for your help in identifying concussions from Week 17 because the NFL does not list them if they are not in the playoffs, and you responded.

Now with the urging of others, Will Carroll included, we are setting out on a much larger task; Identifying the helmets on these players.  I say much larger, what I really mean is HUGE, as this information is about as tightly guarded as Cold War secrets.  This is why we are asking for your help.  We would like those of you, so inclined, to use that time on the internet for some ground-breaking data, data that may not even exist.  It will take some time, but I am confident many of you out there are capable of accomplishing this feat. Continue reading

An Urgent Reader Project

Those of you that read the blog I need some help.  With the NFL season coming to an end for 20 teams, the listing of concussions/head injuries will be difficult to find.  Those eliminated do not have to provide an injury report this week or subsequent weeks.

If you are so inclined to help with the NFL Concussion Report project, please scour the internet and sources to find out about concussions sustained this past week for those that are preparing for the draft and tee-times.

You can: Comment on this post, tweet @concussionblog, or email  Please site a source/link for your information, or if you happen to be THE beat writer that will work to!

Thank you for your time and efforts in advance.