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One catcher returns, another goes on the DL for concussion.  Carlos Santana of the Indians is scheduled to return from his stint on the DL for concussion while Angels Bobby Wilson was struck with a foul ball;

Bobby Wilson knew something was wrong when, while catching the second inning against the Seattle Mariners Monday night, he said he “felt like I could fall asleep right there behind home plate.”

Wilson took a foul ball off the facemask in the first and was replaced by John Hester in the bottom of the second. Tuesday, Wilson was put on the seven-day concussion disabled list and replaced on the roster by catcher Hank Conger, who was recalled from triple-A Salt Lake.

“It was the same feeling I had the last time,” said Wilson, who suffered a concussion in a plate collision with Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira in his first big league start on April 23, 2010. “My face felt like it was on fire. I was drowsy, fatigued, in a fog.”


NFL running back not thinking about future injury, nor should he.  Javid Best of the Detroit Lions Continue reading

Good On ‘Ya Mate

We follow collision sports around the world as this issue is not localized to just North American sports.  With heading in soccer to the aerial displays of winter/action sports to the high-speed knocks in rugby, everyone can stand to learn and be prepared for concussions.  As we have kept saying it is just part of the game.  Yes, we would like to minimize every chance of concussion but realistically now is the time for awareness and proper management.

I keep an eye on Australia, especially now as the AFL is getting ready for play, and have criticized the apparent lack of understanding of concussion in Footy.  The other big sport this time of year Down Under is rugby, with the National Rugby League 21 days away from starting.  This sport to has drawn both good and bad from me and the visitors of the blog, but I read something today from the Herald Sun that makes me want to stand up and say “about time!”; Continue reading

AFL Has New Changes, Inducing Questions

The Australian Football League has stated that they have “new” rules on concussions.  However Kim Hagdom of SportsNewsFirst.com.au seems to disagree.  Before we get to what was said by the AFL operations chief, take a look at this video;

Yup, a lot of hits in this game Down Under have the extreme potential for head injuries.  However, the AFL says it is under control;

Anderson clarified his ruling with a strict “if a player is clearly concussed he will not be allowed back onto the playing field”.

If a player is “clearly concussed” there’s never been any doubt that he wouldn’t go back into a match or continue in a game.

As Hagdom also penned; what happens when they are not so “clearly” concussed.  Or, even better what is the definition of “clearly Continue reading