IL Advisory Council on Player Safety Meeting Minutes 3/31

It is a little late but the Illinois Advisory Council on Player Safety (or PSAC as we call it) met at the end of March to keep this tremendous ball rolling. The minutes are below but the take home from my perspective was:

  • The group as a whole is very committed to being proactive (noted by the including of the psychological safety, push for athletic trainers/MDs, changing of outdated restraints for injuries)
  • Input from all in attendance was exceptional and it is nice to have varying “stakes” at one table looking out for players.
  • Personally I think I get way to passionate about this and think things can be changed in a New York minute, but I am learning about how these processes work.
  • There seemed to be a commitment to continue this committee going beyond the one year trial period, which is good because we are doing good work behind the scenes.
  • I really appreciate the IHSA and Kurt Gibson for overseeing this process/committee and taking notes and hearing our presentations/concerns.

Here are the minutes.

PSAC Meeting Minutes for March 31, 2016

You can also find the minutes and previous minutes at the Play Smart Play Hard Website by going to the Advisory Council tab. We already have added a resource for the “Health & Well Being” of the athlete on the Resources tab. While you are there take a minute to Take the Pledge for playing smart and playing hard.

As always, I am open to comments, questions and inquires about the PSAC. You can drop them here or in the inbox.

2 thoughts on “IL Advisory Council on Player Safety Meeting Minutes 3/31

  1. Paul McNally April 22, 2016 / 11:31

    The rules for the Sport of Soccer have been in place or many, many years. In reaction to the recent research regarding both immediate and long term effects of head trauma, were I starting or growing a new sport, would I include a rule allowing a leather ball to hit a head at times, 60 MPH?? I doubt it.
    I would strongly suggest, if the State of Illinois wants to be proactive in support of the welfare of the player, that the rules of Soccer within your state, or better yet at the High School level nationwide be altered to prohibit and intentional head ball and have a head ball treated the same as a hand ball.

    • G. Malcolm Brown July 2, 2016 / 00:23

      A helmet of sorts may lower any risks.. Heading is far less dangerous in soccer.. then a Helmet to Helmet in Football…since the ball is far lighter than the head… ratios in Football are one to one…!

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