Call for Abstracts: National Summit on Female Concussion, TBI and Headache

pink concIf there has ever been a tenacious and relentless person in the concussion space my observation is that it is this one person. Not a researcher, not a physician, not a policy maker…  A mom… Her name Katherine Snedaker.

She has been mentioned many times (Pink Concussions) here and has been a commentor on this blog as well, but what Katherine is pulling off this coming February is nothing short of monumental for the concussion space.

On Saturday February 27th she will be presenting the National Summit on Female Concussion, TBI and Headache, at the Georgetown School of Medicine.

Part of the program will include presentations of abstracts, which they are currently calling for. The Program Committee is accepting abstracts for presentation on “Sex/Gender-based Concussion Research” on concussion, TBI and headache from the areas such as:

  • Pediatrics to Geriatrics: Concussions and other TBIs across the female life cycle
  • Sports and Sports Medicine – Youth, High School, College, Olympics
  • Domestic Violence and Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Military Service

As you probably can imagine these areas are so under-researched, mainly because head injuries are often associated with sport and male type activities. However, women are part of this issue to – a huge part. Females are also very different than males in many ways but we have recently have come to know that their response to head injury/concussion is not the same as males.

There will be more to follow on this summit – consider this post as a save the date – “ATs are one of our target groups we want,” Katherine said in an emial.

This post is directly aimed at the researchers in the community that want to share their info at this very important and unique event. Please spread the word about this to anyone you know that would be interested.

From the Call for Abstracts link at Pink Concussions:

Click the brain below to upload your abstract in a PDF form.

  • Abstracts submission portal closes 1/5/16 at 11.00pm EST Abstract acceptance letters will be sent 1/15/2016
  • Abstracts must include: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Background, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion plus 2 tables or graphs may be included
  • Abstract character count, excluding spaces and the words “Background, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion” is 350 words
  • Only reports of original research may be submitted
  • The data may have been published in a manuscript or e-publication

Address questions to either the Scientific Chair, Dr. Dave Milzman at or Executive DirectorKatherine Snedaker, LMSW at

You can also access the submission form HERE.

It is my pleasure to promote this event for someone that I call a friend and someone that has battled more than just stereotypes to bring awareness and education.

4 thoughts on “Call for Abstracts: National Summit on Female Concussion, TBI and Headache

  1. Todd Theissen November 19, 2015 / 11:36

    Dustin – I am a HS trainer in Madison, WI and have been following your concussion blog with great interest, especially info about the Vector mouthguards. Your last post re. the Vector guards was prior to your first game of the season. Was curious to know how the system performed throughout the season for you and the players. Any major issues, big pluses, things to look out for…?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Dustin Fink November 23, 2015 / 13:13

      Coming soon, I am digesting all the data I have on hand.

  2. Cherie LaCourse November 19, 2015 / 22:40

    This is wonderful, awareness of concussions outside of sports is greatly needed. I personally have had a few bad head injuries over my lifetime. The last head injury I suffered was May 2011 while working as a special education teacher. Spring 2015, I’m finally starting to feel like me a little bit once again. Some of the symptoms will be lifelong, but I’ve worked really hard to accept my new self. I’m working on reinventing my care and moving forward with my life.

  3. biblebill209 December 2, 2015 / 19:45

    Cherie, asparagus is great to heal the brain” whole foods have tremendous healing powers” walnuts too . Any food that looks like an organ of the body directly benefits that organ, it’s called the “Doctrine of Signature”. And get into” Herbs” go check what herbs are good for head injuries. Hippocrates said” Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I have a blog site Foundation of Nutrition.

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