Triumph Over Trauma

In the beginning it was hard to find a lot of people to share real world examples of what I was trying to describe here on the blog. It is one thing to have the knowledge and experience but entirely another to parse that down to something people can grasp and understand.

Luckily I happened across a great person and advocate that was able and willing to share some stories that made this blog a little more personable. Her name is Tracy Yatsko and she is definitely not just a face in the crowd.

Recently she has joined the blog space with her very own called “Triumph over Trauma” and as she describes in her tag line;

Triumph Over Trauma is a website/blog devoted to concussion victims, survivors, and their families to hopefully lead them into the right direction of recovery, give them hope through stories of others who have struggled yet triumphed, and give them the one thing the concussion community lacks or can’t find: Support.

As mentioned she has been featured here at The Concussion Blog with a wonderfully written story about her from one time contributor John Gonoude and one of her first PSA’s about concussions.

If you have the time you should head over to her blog and see if you can help in any way!

One thought on “Triumph Over Trauma

  1. Laura Blair February 5, 2017 / 11:05

    My Dad played in the early 60s for the San Diego Chargers…has a bubble gum card. He also has CTE. In retrospect, I see his anger issues, and problems holding a job, as indications of this disease. I am finding little help, we are too rich for much, and too poor for other options.Dad has other health issues which have impeded our progress, as I am trying to find a way to not impoverish my Mom, but do what is right by my Dad. If you can give me insight I would be grateful.

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