Players Against Concussions (PAC) Foundation Begins

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I received an email and press release about a new foundation for awareness on concussions.  PAC was conceived by Jim McMahon (NFL) and Jeremy Roenick (NHL). PAC’s mission is to become a global leader in concussive education, research and treatment. They have many athletes on board to support this mission as you can see from the invite (bottom). The athletes are the voice in telling their personal stories.  I thought I would pass it along.


Jim McMahon and Jeremy Roenick Launch Players Against Concussions (PAC) Foundation To Support Concussion Awareness and Prevention

Foundation Kicks Off With Star-Studded PAC Golf Event in Westchester, NY October 6th

Greenwich, Conn. (September 22, 2014)—The numbers are staggering: In 2012, nearly four million athletes suffered concussions, double the number from 2004. Every year, 20% of high school athletes suffer a concussion during any given sports season, and concussion rates are even on the rise among middle schoolers. Concussions often go undiagnosed and multiple concussions can lead to higher risk for permanent neurologic disability. On the flip side of these troubling statistics, sports brings joy to millions and is, without question, a cherished part of our society and culture. Players Against Concussions (PAC) is a new nonprofit organization founded on the uniting principles that we all love sports—but we all want to make them safer. Conceived by Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jim McMahon and NHL All-Star Jeremy Roenick, PAC’s mission is to unite the full spectrum of the sports world—athletes, leaders in research and medicine, coaches, parents, athletic brands and equipment manufacturers—to create a forum and platform where innovation and ideas can be shared to advance the end goal of preserving the sports we love—while making them safer for all who play them.

The PAC mission begins on Monday, October 6th, when celebrities and professional athletes from across the country converge on the Pelham Country Club in Westchester, New York to participate in the First Annual Players Against Concussions Golf Outing. Sponsored by Guidepost Solutions, the daylong kick off event will begin with a morning brunch and press conference from 10am – Noon, followed by an afternoon round of golf, and will conclude with a cocktail hour and dinner beginning at 5pm. Athletes scheduled to attend include Jeremy Roenick, Jim McMahon, Mario Lemieux, Michael Strahan, Darius Rucker, David Cone, David Wells, Ken Daneyko, Rick Rhoden, Bode Miller, Tony Siragusa, Nat Moore, Richard Dent, Otis Wilson, Kevin Millar, Stephane Matteau, Roy Green, Jackie Flynn, Victor Green, Kevin Butler, Joe DeLamielleure, Claudio Reyna, Debbie Dunning, and Jeremy Lincoln (with more athletes and celebrities to be confirmed).

“This is a deeply personal issue for me as both a player and a parent,” said McMahon. “I loved every minute of the football I played as a kid and during my professional career, but I’ve also felt the effects of the concussions I suffered on the field. I’ve seen the lasting effects on teammates and friends, and now I see the statistics that point toward an epidemic of concussions among young athletes. The idea that kids are sustaining head injuries that have the potential to cause permanent, lifelong damage is just unacceptable. We know many of these injuries are preventable, and in terms of protection, we know we can do better through research and innovation. The goal of PAC is to keep athletes of all ages playing the sports they love, but without having to risk the lifelong, debilitating effects of head injuries.”

Along with this kick off event, PAC’s mission for the year ahead includes numerous events and conferences and the formation of three advisory boards comprising leaders in youth sports, research and medicine, and professional athletes. PAC will also be active through social media in order to spread its message of awareness, inspire involvement and recruit new partners.

For more information on PAC, or to request RSVP for the October 6th Players Against Concussions Golf Outing, please contact Mark Ballard or Sabrina Levine at 212-680-0179 or email

About Players Against Concussions (PAC)

PAC was created for the advancement of awareness, prevention and treatment of head and neck trauma due to concussions. PAC is a pro-sports organization that is dedicated to making all sports, at all levels, safer through raising public awareness and committing funds to research and education. The brainchild of a group of former professional athletes, PAC is headed by former NFL player Jim McMahon and former NHL player Jeremy Roenick who have seen and experienced the damaging effects of head and neck trauma from concussions.

3 thoughts on “Players Against Concussions (PAC) Foundation Begins

  1. Allan Globensky September 24, 2014 / 13:40

    Let’s hope this is not ” A N O T H E R ” ( group of the greedy ) , Concussion Companies begun out there , trying to explain how to ” FIT ” a helmet properly , or , WHOM to call AFTER your CHILD has had a concussion , but a group , ( not funded by the ” big leagues below the table ” ).
    These ” BLOOD SPORTS ” need to be changed , now .
    The training of coaches , and emphasis has to return to a fun , learning , ” RESPECTFUL” environment . And not a win at all and any cost price .
    We would truly be shocked at how many children we lose both in dying from , and long – term suffering , OF , concussions , If the ” ON THE MOST PART ( ? ) ” media controlled , ( THESE ARE BILLION DOLLAR business’s ) , were to report every child’s death , or serious injury from a youth football or hockey game …….

  2. Lillie M. Hudson October 10, 2014 / 19:55

    To the officers, planners, and advocates for Players Against Concussions, I submit this note with great respect and enthusiasms. Your dedications, information sharing, and outreach efforts are appreciated, by parents, leaders, trainers, potential players and many others.

    My thanks to Otis Ray Wilson and everyone else – involved in this noteworthy campaign.

    Best Regards,
    Lillie M. Hudson

  3. Cherie LaCourse October 23, 2014 / 06:27

    Hi, my name is Cherie… I’ve had two serious head injuries ( age 9 & 42…) with concussions and additional concussions from mishaps caused by ongoing symptoms. Two of which happen in the last couple months. One I accidentally walked into the wall between my kitchen and dinning room, then the other was while grabbing something in the back seat of my car. It’s been over three years since i’ve been symptom free…. The incident in May of 2011, I was working as a special education teacher. I’ve been out of work since, but working hard to get close as I can to my old self. Also, trying to accept my new self and cognitive and physical limitations. It’s extremely difficult at times, but i’ve always been optimistic… I’ve been researching how to bring awareness that these issues also effect those who have never played sports or haven’t been injured in gymnastics, dance, ice skating, etc…

    My first serious injury was at age nine while racing my brother on bikes down the hill…. This was before bike helmets in 1978….

    I feel I could share my stories and help others. Sports such as football and other contact sports have the highest number of incidents involving concussive issues. But, this also effects the general public and can be devastating to your style of living, emotional and overall well being… My world was flipped upside down and I’m working hard to find my new path… Teaching is out of the question in any classroom environment… But, open to ideas where I feel safe : )

    I’d love to speak to Michael Strahan about these concussion issues, hear about his story and what he recommends as I continue to recover… Teaching was my passion and now I’m scared to teach or be near teens I don’t know…. Please help me find a way to raise awareness in the NH area…
    Thank you….

    Sincerely, Cherie : )

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