It’s really simple…  Watch this video, then RT or forward in email or post on Facebook…  It’s not as fun as cold water and you won’t be donating money, but you will be understanding concussion and passing that along…  This was the idea of my good friend Katherine Snedaker-Price…


At the time of this post there were 787 views, I would like to see that at 2,000 by next week…  Lets do it!!!

One thought on “#TheConcussionChallenge

  1. Paul Cueetara September 4, 2014 / 15:26

    As a retired three sport official, football not being one of the sports, and a active NFL fan it is far to late to act surprised when and event talks place. Just recently Dustin Pedrroia of the Red Sox has missed the Yankee series after an event. Had he been wearing the base coaches hard hat he may have survived the event without mission playing time.
    In my over 40 year officiation, basketball, soccer and baseball at the High school and College level I am alarmed at the continuing increase head injuries by balls, bats, as well as other heads or body part. I find it is disturbing that the “tough it out” result is the number one treatment. Game officials are also not without concerns. In most youth, and high school games it is not unusual to have more than a few hits. Many high school officials sneer at the “bucket”(aka Umpires helmet) and they almost express pride at being able to “shake it of”
    I find it interesting that the NCAA and Professional baseball require base coaches, but the
    lower levels to not make that requirement.This all happens with With the recent advances in equipment that, from my personal experience, significantly reduce these impact.
    I am finally dealing with this issue proactively. In my life I have had at least 38 concussions that can be called dangerous. My College Football ended on the third hit in 10 days, 2 during that game.
    Somehow we need to expand this blog to include game officials in the mix.
    By the way I have not started to share my issues with soccer head injuries…next time

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