Educational Video: Subject Matters, Featuring Dr. Brady

Blog follower and prolific commentator here, Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, NCSP is featured on ION TV’s “The Subject Matters” from May of 2014.  The video is in two 15 minute chunks:

Dr. Brady is a very good resource and wealth of information.  I suggest you take some time to check out his time on ION TV.

One thought on “Educational Video: Subject Matters, Featuring Dr. Brady

  1. Dustin,

    Thanx for the post and kind words.

    Within the video, I mention concern re under-addressed visual issues.

    I frequently communicate with a local optometrist re concussions…and other related vision issues.

    He performs a developmental vision assessment that examines: focusing; scanning; tracking; vision perception and acuity…and within this process…convergence.

    The knowledgeable doctor also has shared that injury to the third cranial nerve is responsible for the triad of convergence, accommodation (focusing) and pupil constriction concerns.

    Below are content of several emails that are sandwiched together that you and readers might find both of interest and value.

    Also note the year of the citation that I shared with the optometrist …1987. The article was cited in my Dissertation and was written by Dr. Evans, a neurologist, who was a trailblazer in the field of concussions.


    Dr, Optometrist,

    re: Postconcussive syndrome: an overview
    Randolph W. Evans, MD
    September 1987 Texas Medicine p. 49-53

    Had read the above article before but not recalled the following sentence that is consistent with findings that you have shared with me:

    Finally, many patients have visual complaints, including blurry and double vision. …. Many of these patients will be found to have convergence insufficiency in which these eyes do not focus in tandems a result of the head [brain] injury p.51

    Dr. Don


    Dr. Don,

    Yes that’s correct. One of the most prevalent visual consequences of closed head trauma is damage to the the third cranial nerve. The third cranial nerve is responsible for the triad of convergence, accommodation (focusing) and pupil constriction concerns.

    As recently as yesterday I saw a girl referred to me by a doctor at the Concussion Clinic re a soccer-related concussion. She had almost no focusing amplitude and a very reduced convergence amplitude. I see this very frequently.

    I recently finished a case referred by the Concussion Clinic which involved a concussion related to head trauma resulting from a fist fight. The visual diagnosis were identical to the soccer ball injury.

    Here’s a great reference. It’s a link from The College Of Optometrists In Vision Development (COVD) of which I am an associate.

    It is a compilation of literature on the link between Acquired Brain Injury and Vision:

    Kind regards,

    Dr. Optometrist

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