#C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit Reconvenes Next Week

Brewer Sports International and Amarantus Bio Science is continuing their efforts to collaborate and discuss the issue of traumatic brain injury, in particular concussion.  In this version the focus will be on Alzheimer’s;

The #C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit is being convened on July 31, 2014 to explore the potential link between TBI and Alzheimer’s disease.  A diverse working group of clinicians, medical researchers, policy makers, international diplomats, athletes, celebrities, and philanthropic organizations will be assembled to raise awareness, advance clinical research, and develop public policy in order to address this major unmet medical need and public health issue.

The #C4CT Summits have a stated goal to collaborate information and ideas to try and further both understanding and proper response to this issue at hand.  I described it as – using a Japanese proverb – “none of us is as smart as all of us.”  Which is definitely the case for just about anything in life.  However, with so many egos and generally smart people there seems to be a ton of hand-wringing and chest thumping without a lot of resolution.  Jack Brewer and Gerald Commissiong are trying to find a way to get everyone on the same page.  Evidence of this was asking me to be a panelist during the last UN visit in January.  You can see the recap below;

There is still time for you to attend this wonderful event, littered with some great minds and speakers.  If you cannot attend you should follow their twitter feed next Thursday (unfortunately I will be away on vacation so I will not be live blogging the event this time around).

4 thoughts on “#C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit Reconvenes Next Week

  1. SportsCAPP.com July 25, 2014 / 13:55

    What you think? Should I go?

    Katherine Price Snedaker, MSW PinkConcussions.com SportsCAPP.com TheConcussionConference.com 203.984.0860

    Associate Member National Sports Concussion Coalition sportsconcussioncoalition.org

    Member of the Advisory Council, Protecting Athletes and Sports Safety initiative National Council on Youth Sports Safety, Inc. youthsportssafety.org

    • Paul McNally July 25, 2014 / 20:23

      Please, real info, not marketing for gimmicks.
      Coaches, trainers, Neuros, need REAL help!
      Question: Is an ATC considered a authorized health professional allowed to release to begin process of returning to play?
      I pray not. Trainers work for coaches.

      • Dustin Fink July 28, 2014 / 11:22

        The answer is yes, Paul. ATC’s are allied health professionals that work for a MD/DO. I do not know of ANY athletic trainers that work for a coach. In fact I would say that we work for the athletes…

    • Dustin Fink July 28, 2014 / 11:21

      its going to be more on the Alzheimer’s angle…

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