The Abyss of NFL Concussion Reporting: Week 17

As football fans we are either gearing up to root on our favorite teams for a playoff and hopeful Super Bowl run, or the other 20 fan bases time is now spent looking at coaching changes, player acquisitions and the draft.  It has been a fun and exciting season for various reasons.  In terms of concussion data collection it will complete our fourth year and it has been a success once again.

However Week 17 provides for some of the hardest data capturing possible for the NFL.

During the season when teams play the following week they must report injuries and then they are listed on the NFL Official Injury Report prior to the game being played.  This mechanism, even with its overt flaws, is the launching point for our data.  With the regular season ending there are only eight teams that must report injuries the following week, effectively eliminating 3/4’s of the league.

This where you the reader can come in – and I am once again doing my yearly begging – if you note a concussion via a broadcast or twitter or the interwebs, please pass it along to us.  Although @nflconcussions does a tremendous job, he too probably welcomes the help.

So here is your homework for Week 17:

  • Watch games and enjoy games – root on your interests
  • If a concussion is noted send it via Twitter (@concussionblog) or email ( in this format:
    • Player, Team, link/credit/notes
    • EX: Joe Schmoe, NYG, broadcast 3Q
    • EX: Joe Schmoe, KC, @examplehandlehere *link*
    • EX: @concussionblog RT: @examplehandlehere ……
  • I welcome any questions regarding the concussions during the games, but unless I catch it on RedZone or you have a video link I will be unable to answer to specifically.

Think of this as “OUR” project for the end of the NFL season, crowd sourcing style!

Thanks in advance.

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