My Concussion Return to Play Protocol Based on Heart Rates

A very specific and objective way to monitor Return to Play. We need more of this to be shared in the community. It may not fit your budget or model, but at least we have some examples to look at… Great Job @IronmanLongRunr

In Training

Concussion is obviously a major buzz word, and if you’re in a medical profession and or working with athletes it is more than that, it is something we have to work with. Unfortunately, it is something that we still don’t know a lot about. We are steadily learning more and adjusting how we treat and handle them on a regular basis. There are many good guidelines out there for coaches, PE teachers, athletic trainers, nurses, doctors, etc. to use, and they are good, but they could be better.

In June of 2012 New York State passed The Concussion Management Awareness Act which went into effect on July 1st, 2012. This law led to the development of The Guidelines for Concussion Management in the School Setting. These guidelines were based on the 2008 Zurich Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport. A new consensus statement came out in…

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