2013 Week 13 NFL Concussion Report UPDATED

The Concussion Blog Original, NFL Concussion Report, is a weekly compiling of the reported head injuries in the National Football League.  Concussions are added to the list each week from multiple sources to give you the reader a picture of what is happening on the field.  Each week we will bring you the information along with relevant statistics.  If we have missed a concussion or put one on here erroneously, let us know (we will also be using Fink’s Rule to classify a concussion/head injury).  It also should be noted that due to the league not disclosing actual injuries until Friday night there may be some added to next weeks numbers.


John Jerry, OL, MIA added to the list after initial post, see corrections the stats, narrative will remain unchanged.


There was a late addition to the Week 12 report as Tennessee tight end Craig Stevens appeared after last weeks post, bringing the 12 week regular season total to 102.  However, Week 13 has provided another weekly high in terms of concussions, for which Will Carroll was correct with his conjecture.  Although current listings only show 10 (new) concussions/head injuries we found 16 this week, including some peculiar omissions;

  • Darrelle Revis – as noted by @nflconcussions, is listed as chest/shoulder but he admitted to being unconscious on the play where he was hurt.  This is an automatic inclusion for concussion.
  • Mike Jenkins – although cleared to play, and he did against DAL, he was removed during the game with “concussion-like” symptoms.  Guess he may be “pregnant-like”, or perhaps they rushed him through?  Regardless NFL protocol states that a player cannot be cleared to play unless he has recovered from the previous injury.  This means that even if this were an exacerbation of the previous concussion, it will be listed as his second, in two weeks.

If you have been reading this weekly post, from the beginning, we have been warning you about the inevitable-exponential increase in concussions that occur late in the season.  We have documented this over the past three years and again are seeing this unfold (8, 8, 11, 11 in weeks 8-11).  Yes, it is partly because all teams are playing in during the week (no more byes) but, it is also due to the repetitive nature of being hit in the head.  If you recall weeks 1-3 all teams were playing as well and there were 21 total in that time frame.  This past week we have seen 76% of the concussions we saw in the first three weeks, combined.  If concussions were truly a random event that was not compounded by cumulative effects we should see “statistically” similar numbers.  In order for that to happen the NFL would have to report only 4-7 more concussions over the next two weeks, unlikely.

In fact the 16 found concussions this week are tied for second all time for most in a week; behind Week 12 of 2012 (19) – weeks 11 of 2012 and 14 of 2011 also had 16 found concussions.  With all of that said the pace for this years concussion numbers is below the basement of 2010 and WELL BELOW last years total.

Now on to the breakdown of concussions for Week 13 (indicates previous weeks numbers): 

  • 17 concussions/head injuries found from Week 13 (13)
  • 119 regular season concussions noted (102)
  • 173 total concussions in 2013 (156)
  • 9.15 Concussions/week (8.50)
  • 156 Projected Concussions (143)
  • 0.61 Concussions/game (.56)
  • 10.57% InR (9.82)
  • 9.18% EInR (8.52)

Running Totals for Regular Season:

  • 64 Offensive (54) – 55 Defense (48)
  • Positionally Speaking
    • QB – 7 (5), RB – 12 (10), TE – 16 (12), WR – 15 (14), OL – 14 (13), DL – 8 (7), LB – 13 (11), DB – 34 (30)
    • Team Breakdown
      • JAX – 9
      • MIN, OAK – 7
      • GB, NYJ, PIT, SD, STL, WAS – 6
      • SEA, TEN – 5
      • CLE, NO, SF, TB – 4
      • DEN, DET, HOU, KC, PHI – 3
      • BAL, CAR, CIN, DAL, IND, MIA, NE – 2
      • ARI, ATL, BUF, CHI, NYG – 1
      • none – 0

Our definition of Incidence Rate (InR) is projected concussions/45 players taking the field per team per game, our definition of Epidemiological Incidence Rate (EInR) is projected concussions/53 man roster per team.

  • Comparing to past seasons the following has been found after Week 13: # (2012, 2011, 2010):
    • Regular Season Concussions – 119 (143, 122, 119)

3 thoughts on “2013 Week 13 NFL Concussion Report UPDATED

  1. Cody Mayhak December 6, 2013 / 12:20

    Hello, recently I have been doing some research into concussions for my own purposes and would love to have your perspective on my writing. If you would be willing to read my blog at http://dev.isucomm.iastate.edu/thegreenroom/cmayhak/2013/12/02/rough-draft/ I would be greatly appreciative. Although my blog is a little more research based, it is still on concussions and I would love to get some feedback on it from someone who knows so much about concussions.

  2. Marcy December 9, 2013 / 00:00

    Although this blog is just about NFL concussions, it is amazing to see the amount of concussions we just have in the NFL every week!

    • Dustin Fink December 9, 2013 / 12:14

      Its not just about NFL concussions, read through it… Just most visible here in the US… And we’re in the midst of the season…

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