2013 Week 12 NFL Concussion Report

The Concussion Blog Original, NFL Concussion Report, is a weekly compiling of the reported head injuries in the National Football League.  Concussions are added to the list each week from multiple sources to give you the reader a picture of what is happening on the field.  Each week we will bring you the information along with relevant statistics.  If we have missed a concussion or put one on here erroneously, let us know (we will also be using Fink’s Rule to classify a concussion/head injury).  It also should be noted that due to the league not disclosing actual injuries until Friday night there may be some added to next weeks numbers.

It is now the “witching hour” in the NFL season.  From Week 13 on there are no more byes and every team is playing in the week, giving us a truer picture of the concussions in the league.  As we have noted the past few weeks we have began to see an increase in weekly reports (we added one concussion to last weeks total, found after the fact); weeks 10 and 11 have produced 11 concussions each up from the previous and steady high of 8.  It looks innocent enough but that is a 37.5% increase.  This past week was not different as we found 12 concussions.

The overall number of concussion in the regular season now has eclipsed 100, but this has been the latest in the season it has occurred since we began tracking concussions in 2010.  Interestingly enough the number of actual injuries in the NFL has seen a dramatic rise which brings me back to what some league medical people relayed to me; “we have traded heads for knees.”  I was and am not so sure about that statement as a rule, but it makes logical sense.  From my point of view as an athletic trainer I feel I have seen more broken legs and ACL’s than ever before.  It is difficult to figure out why this is happening, but many theories are out there.

Going forward I anticipate the numbers to stay at or above double digits until Week 17 (when we all know teams don’t report concussions when they are not playing the following week).  With that, I don’t think we will reach the heights of previous seasons; I am concerned about that.  Also, I had a question via Twitter regarding how many of these are 2nd concussions for players; the answer is seven.

Now as we all sit here with Turkey Day hangover (from the food, people – OK maybe from the booze too) here is your Week 12 Concussion Report (indicates previous week numbers):

UPDATED: Craig Stevens found after original publish…

  • 13 concussions/head injuries found from Week 6 (11)
  • 102 regular season concussions noted (89)
  • 156 total concussions in 2013 (143)
  • 8.50 Concussions/week (8.09)
  • 143 Projected Concussions (137)
  • 0.56 Concussions/game (.54)
  • 9.82% InR (9.34)
  • 8.52% EInR (8.11)

Running Totals for Regular Season:

  • 54 Offensive (46) – 48 Defense (43)
  • Positionally Speaking
    • QB – 5 (3), RB – 10 (8), TE – 12 (9), WR – 14 (14), OL – 13 (12), DL – 7 (7), LB – 11 (11), DB – 30 (25)
    • Team Breakdown
      • JAX – 9
      • MIN, NYJ, SD – 6
      • GB, OAK, PIT, WAS – 5
      • NO, SEA, SF, STL, TEN – 4
      • DEN, DET, HOU, TB – 3
      • CAR, CIN, CLE, DAL, IND, KC, NE, PHI – 2
      • ARI, ATL, BAL, BUF, CHI, MIA, NYG – 1
      • none – 0

Our definition of Incidence Rate (InR) is projected concussions/45 players taking the field per team per game, our definition of Epidemiological Incidence Rate (EInR) is projected concussions/53 man roster per team.

  • Comparing to past seasons the following has been found after Week 12: # (2012, 2011, 2010):
    • Regular Season Concussions – 102 (128, 116, 107)

One thought on “2013 Week 12 NFL Concussion Report

  1. Adam Nissley January 2, 2014 / 09:30

    I love NFL but OMG 13 concussions/head injuries found from Week 6? well it happens

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