Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day reserved for people to give thanks for what they have or had.  This day is for everyone, even if you are not in the United States.  There are many things I am thankful for, none more than my family;

  • My parents, although they are 1000 miles away, Skype allows me to keep in touch with them and they can keep me grounded
  • My wife, without her and her tolerance for who I am and what I do none of this would be possible
  • My kids, the joy of my life, what keeps me going

I have many friends, socially and professionally, they are often the yang to my yin.  I feel thankful that I have surrounded myself with so many influential and honest people.  I have lost touch with some of those I consider to be my closest, but often those are the ones that understand the true bond of friendship.

I am thankful for my new employment, in this uncertain time with jobs at a premium and because the value of an athletic trainer is yet to be fully comprehended by the masses; being where I am now is wonderful and I only hope that I can do my very best to be around for a long time.

I am thankful for technology, it allows me this outlet and an opportunity to bring information to those that choose to click on this blog.  Technology has also helped the greater good of concussions, it is only a mater of time until we finally figure out this complex puzzle that effects just about everyone, every day.

I am thankful to you the reader.  I began with the thought I wouldn’t care if anyone read this stuff, and to an extent I still feel that way, but having so many of you read and comment makes me feel great.  I wanted to make a difference in just one persons life, but with all the correspondence I feel I have done that and then some.

So Thank You!

Eat plenty of good food today and enjoy those people and things your are thankful for!

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