Canadian Journalist Seeks CFL Alums (UPDATE)

UPDATE (11/28/13): It a appears this post and Tweet have provided Mr. Ott some good contacts!  Thank you.  However… Those willing to speak are Canadian CFL’ers, interestingly enough those that are American former CFL players have not reached out or are unwilling to talk.  This strikes me as odd but not so odd.  I feel that here in the US we still view this as taboo, to talk about concussions/head injuries.  If you would please be so kind as to find some American former CFL’ers Mr. Ott and myself would be very thankful!


In the wake of ‘League of Denial’ by the Brothers Fainaru, many others are trying to dig deeper into the convoluted mess that we seem to find ourselves.  Of course, this is in regards to professional football.  Interestingly enough I have been contacted to seek such alums to speak with Terry Ott; mainly because there is still a veil of secrecy and some general stonewalling from those that played.  Terry passes along this note;

I am a Canadian journalist 6 months into an investigation on football concussions and brain injury and their aftermath.

My focus is on former players from the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Any former CFL player who is dealing with concussion issues is welcome to contact me at

All replies in confidence unless specified by the responding individual.

I will also offer to be a conduit for those that want to speak but feel that confidence is of the utmost importance.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Journalist Seeks CFL Alums (UPDATE)

  1. November 20, 2013 / 09:40

    i think i know as much as anyone about the life we suffer later from the CFL ; i played in the 1980 grey cup and had more than 8 concussions from football from high to u and pro; my memories are non existant; my wife is no longer with me because of episodes of depression or unreasonable anger; contact me if you need to know more; phil colwell 1980 hamilton ti cats; 1981 toronto argos

    • Dustin Fink November 20, 2013 / 13:08

      Passed it along, thanks and spread the word!

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