We’ve Tried To Tell You; Sleep Is Good

There has been a post about sleeping after a concussion on here before; there has been plenty of commenting on the subject.  However thanks to fellow blogger Broken Brilliant here is a video about why sleep is important.  BB left the video in the comment section of the Return-to-Learn post below but it is worth its own post…

If your remember about the cascade of metabolites during a concussion, this makes a lot of sense.  The timing of this video is very funny to me; I just had a parent engage me in a debate about sleeping after a concussion just last night.  This mom, with her nursing degree, was adamant that ALL head injuries should be woken.  The debate finally came to an end when I used the snow globe analogy; she will be getting back to me today.

Not only is it proper and safe for someone to sleep after sustaining a concussion only, this video explains the necessity and how the brain eliminates waste during our sleep cycle.

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