Athletic Training Podcast

You may have seen it on Twitter, I have recently finished a podcast with Chris Lenker over at (@ATPodcast).  I had a great time just shooting the breeze about who I am and why I started the blog.  My dog Eli even gets in the action with some random barking in the background.  Chris tells me it was a good podcast, but to be honest I think he just asked a question and let me ramble for no apparent reason, ha.

Please if you get the chance and the time give it a listen, Chris and his podcast does a wonderful job for the profession of athletic training.  Help him out by going to his iTunes link HERE.

I would appreciate all feedback on this, there is a wicked rumor that people may want more of this type of interaction between fellow athletic trainers.  And Chris almost has me convinced that I should be doing some of these on a regular basis.  I don’t know if anyone would even want to hear more than what they have.  Feel free to let us know!

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