The “Other” PBS Film

ICYMI there is another film not named “League of Denial” that PBS is showing that deals with concussions.  This one however is “a proactive look” at concussions in a high school setting.  As Founder, Editor, Journalist, Producer of MomsTEAM; Brooke de Lench put it in a recent post on the release of this film;

We also careful to explain on “The Smartest Team” website that the documentary is no more than an “audio-visual blueprint,” and “an introduction to a set of principles (the Six Pillars) to guide development of a sound concussion risk management program based on the latest research and opinions of experts; to provide a solid foundation on which to build such a program;” that we see it “only as as a jumping off point for what we hope will be the beginning of a multi-year and continuing process involving parents, coaches, players, athletic directors, school boards, booster clubs, and health care professionals, motivated by a desire to preserve all that is good about youth and high school football, to work as a team to implement best practices in concussion risk management.”

The Smartest Team” is a documentary of a high school in Oklahoma that was looking for a better way to combat concussions, and sought out de Lench and MomsTEAM.  During this film you will see the use of technology and policies/procedures that can help with providing the best possible care.  It is my opinion in her vision de Lench wanted to see what a high school setting was capable of with resources surrounding them and placing an emphasis on her/their Six-Pillars of Concussion Risk Management.

It is great there is a film highlighting exactly what most should be doing in the way of education, assessment and management.  Although MomsTEAM and de Lench are better at forming it into a neat package, these ideas are what we have stood for from the beginning…

Remember, it’s not the actual injury of concussion that is the problem, rather it is the mismanagement of the concussion that is creating the issues we face today.


4 thoughts on “The “Other” PBS Film

  1. Dorothy Bedford October 5, 2013 / 23:22

    PBS rollout beings this wwek: Oct. 8, 9, 10 ( 2013) . Check your local broadcast/ cable listings by googling “THE SMARTEST TEAM” PBS OCTOBER 2013, or watch broadcasts online via PBS affiliates’ websites. Local time not convenient, or already passed? Watch any other affiliate’s broadcast online at a more convenient date/time. Also available to download at VIMEO. Some affiliates also airing

    • Brooke de Lench October 10, 2013 / 08:47

      See Update below

  2. Brooke de Lench October 10, 2013 / 08:46

    How to watch: All PBS Stations will be airing THE SMARTEST TEAM this fall until the end of January 2013. Go to your local PBS stations website and enter the title into their search window. If it is not airing, they will have a “request this title” box. On PBS you can request it and if enough people want it (where it is running) they will add a time. Most stations will be rerunning the show in November and December. If you are a coach, AD, teacher, or the PTA you can stream from your local school if they subscribe to Films For Humanities (Which is almost 80% of K-College).

    Note: PBS does not have the license to stream in 2013. In 2014 you can see the stream and the second Edition comes out in June.

    Brooke de Lench
    Producer: The Smartest Team

    • Brooke de Lench October 10, 2013 / 08:47

      January 2014.

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