2013 Week 3 NFL Concussion Report

The Concussion Blog Original, NFL Concussion Report, is a weekly compiling of the reported head injuries in the National Football League.  Concussions are added to the list each week from multiple sources to give you the reader a picture of what is happening on the field.  Each week we will bring you the information along with relevant statistics.  If we have missed a concussion or put one on here erroneously, let us know (we will also be using Fink’s Rule to classify a concussion/head injury).  It also should be noted that due to the league not disclosing actual injuries until Friday night there may be some added to next weeks numbers.

And the rise is beginning, in Week 3 we cataloged eight concussions thus far, bringing the total up to 21 for the season.  It is tough to predict for anyone but our extensive history of collecting the information tells us that single digit weeks are nearly coming to an end.  I say that with some reservation, as the numbers thus far have been well below what we have observed in the past.

Two players found two new ways to get on the Report, however they do represent concussions in NFL players.  First, Isaac Redman capitulated to having a concussion in Week 2 and playing though it.  Although, the Steelers are vehemently denying this occurred, we will take the word of the player in this case, after all they are the only ones who truly can tell someone if they had a concussion.

The second player is rookie linebacker Sio Moore of the Oakland Raiders, who was concussed in a car accident prior to last weeks game in Denver.  The concussion did not occur on the field of play, but for recording purposes he has been listed on the OIR, so we will include him.  Speaking of the Raiders, the NFLPA wants to investigate the handling of Terrelle Pryor’s concussion that occurred late in the game.  It should have been obvious to an observer or team personnel that saw it; Pryor took a good lick and was prone for a few beats.  Just like the McCoy fiasco perhaps the sideline personnel didn’t see it – which is extremely possible – however where was the “eye-in-the-sky” that would have radioed down.  There was ample time to at least screen him during a turnover review.  After the series ended Pryor was taken to the locker room and diagnosed with a concussion.  Before the NFLPA gets to fired up we need to remember that it takes all parties, including the injured to get a concussion diagnosis done.  With that said Oakland has been historically the most often reporting team in our years of data collection (they have jumped to #1 this week), they are very good at it, at first glance perhaps those in watching over probably need to pay closer attention.

Now on to the statistics for the week that was Week 3 (indicates previous weeks numbers);

  • 8 concussions/head injuries found from Week 3 (8; Isaac Redmond and DJ Fluker late additions)
  • 21 regular season concussions noted (13)
  • 76 total  concussions in 2013 (66)
  • 7.00 Concussions/week (5.5)
  • 119 Projected Concussions (93.5)
  • 0.46 Concussions/game (.37)
  • 8.08% InR (5.77)
  • 7.02% EInR (5.01)

Running Totals for Regular Season:

  • 11 Offensive (7) – 10 Defense (6)
  • Positionally Speaking
    • QB – 1 (0), RB – 2 (2), TE – 2 (1), WR – 4 (3), OL – 2 (1), DL – 0 (0), LB – 2 (1), DB – 8 (5)
    • Team Breakdown
      • OAK – 3
      • GB, JAX, NYJ, SD, SF, WAS – 2
      • CAR, HOU, NYG, PHI, PIT, TEN – 1

Our definition of Incidence Rate (InR) is projected concussions/45 players taking the field per team per game, our definition of Epidemiological Incidence Rate (EInR) is projected concussions/53 man roster per team.

  • Comparing to past seasons the following has been found after Week 3: # (2012, 2011, 2010):
    • Regular Season Concussions – 21 (30, 26, 28)

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