Who Calls the Shots on Player Safety

Great article and even better video from the Chronicle of Higher Education about the struggles of Athletic Training in big colleges. This is not just a problem there, it affects even us AT’s at the high school level. This should never be tolerated, period.

2 thoughts on “Who Calls the Shots on Player Safety

  1. Nothing changes if nothing changes sadly applies here.

    The essence of this content / concern is not a new issue…

    as one NFL player shared after reading the article:

    So – what is new? Good to see it is finally in the open, to some extent.

    Traveling back in history…via Professor Peabody’s wayback machine:

    July 1982…

    Moore, Mike

    The Physician and Sport Medicine

    NFL Players vs Owners: A Medical care Tug-of- War

    …the trainer was seen as being powerless to influence dangerous coaching practices or decisions for fear of [losing] his job. (p. 164)

  2. Along similar lines as Dustin’s Sept 3 post, may I suggest the followers of this TCB read the below historical book entitled

    You’re okay, it’s just a bruise” – New York : St. Martin’s Press, 1994

    Authored by Rob Huizenga, MD. – the Los Angeles Raider’s team doctor for 10 years

    Rob Huizenga, MD. shares his experiences and insights, including apparent conflicts of

    interests that emergered during 10 years with the NFL team where athletes often play

    injured fearful of losing their jobs.

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