Livestream Event on Concussions

Part of understanding concussions is weeding through all the hyperbole and finding the common threads of the issue and then digging deeper.  Of course you will eventually come up with your own opinion and how you choose to understand concussions becomes subjective, like that of the injury.  Over the past six years of my borderline obsession of concussion education I have listened and read MANY different takes on concussions, and to this day I still do.  Although my grasp on concussions is fairly firm, I am not naive enough to close my mind to more information and possible change in opinion.

Coming up on Thursday, August 1st, (looks like a sporting goods website/store) will be hosting a livestream event on football concussions with the intent to educate the audience;

Concussions in football and other sports have received much national attention in recent years because of their prevalence in the sport, misunderstanding of the medical condition, and concern for youth and adult players’ potential brain injuries. The reasons for the attention are valid and through this SportsU LiveStream, we aim to bring more knowledge to you about the issue, allowing us to better understand concussions and how we can use current technology, techniques, and tests to play a safer game.

The host/moderator of the event will be Mr. Lou Rusnock and he will open the floor to questions for their guests for the event: Dr. Russell H. Amundson, MD a neurosurgeon at Einstein Medical Philadelphia and Robert Erb, Presidnet/CEO of Schutt Sports.

I do not see a pre-registration for the event and you can go to THIS LINK at 4pm Eastern time on 8-1-13 to watch/take part.

2 thoughts on “Livestream Event on Concussions

  1. Dwight July 29, 2013 / 17:58

    Could be interesting. Looked at the website and you can submit a question that you would like answered. Its awesome that it says “You are” and has a drop down of occupations including “trainer.” Already makes me question the credibility of this.

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