Ohio’s New Concussion Law FAQ’s

I was forwarded an information sheet on the newly enacted Ohio Return to Play Law.  It appears as a Frequently Asked Questions form, here are some highlights;

  • Guidelines for both interscholastic and youth sports
  • Who can clear the athlete
  • Specific definition of required training for coaches, referees and officials of youth sports
  • Resources for parents and athletes

This “fact sheet/FAQ” is probably the best written resource I have seen regarding the new return to play legislative actions by states.  It is good that each state is doing something, but in my honest opinion these laws are just a start.

Unfortunately it took actions by legislature to make it perfectly clear that those with concussions, show signs of concussion or report concussion symptoms shall not return on the same day and must be evaluated by a health care professional.  This is something we have known for a few years now.  Each state piece is great for raising awareness.

What we need to advance is the true problem of this concussion “crisis”, that is the proper management and overall treatment of the brain injury.  Concussions will occur, it is an inherent part of all sports – essentially something we cannot “control” – however we can certainly control how the after effects of each concussion are handled.

One thought on “Ohio’s New Concussion Law FAQ’s

  1. Dwight May 17, 2013 / 12:09

    Seems very similiar to the Safey in Youth Sports act passed last year in PA.

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