“Concussions Happen” Video

This is a re-post, sort of, of a video created by Bryson Reynolds a neuroscience graduate student.  His area of study is concussions and mTBI.  He shortened the original video for easier consumption, it still holds the essence of what makes it a good too for us to use; stark and striking objective mechanisms of injuries, across all sports.

It is barely over a minute in time, again this is a great teaching tool for those trying to understand the mechanisms of concussion.  If I counted correct only 4 of the clips show head-to-head contact.  THIS IS EXTREMELY NOTEWORTHY, as concussions occur without direct blows to the head.  Also note the concussions (presumed by the filmmaker due to descriptions of the original videos) that occur due to contact with the ground or ball.  Perhaps the most disturbing videos are the last two, youth sports.

4 thoughts on ““Concussions Happen” Video

  1. natslady April 16, 2013 / 06:44

    Will you be looking at the effect of the bombs on the runners in Boston? Several people who were interviewed mentioned symptoms.

    • Dustin Fink April 16, 2013 / 09:22

      This is a common question I have received in the inbox… It would be prudent to mention that the shock wave could and probably did cause brain disruption… A shock wave injury is not the same as a traumatic mechanism. Although the signs and symptoms are identical…

      • Sadly and unfortunately, it is quite reasonable to assume that some individuals residing in the proximity of the Boston Marathon explosions sustained concussions that may require several days or more to be accurately diagnosed…

        and furthermore, some brain injuries may go undetected…for a lengthy period of time… and / or perhaps worse — never diagnosed.

        Hopefully those who were near the explosion will be closely monitored by savy physicians / health care providers and family members & friends for possible physical, cognitive and emotional after-effects due to the explosions.

  2. and I also think PTSD could also emerge in some individuals…

    one may argue that the PTSD may be neurologically based… that the ” emotional components ” of the brain were physiologically injured…causing the presenting emotional issues…the waters are muddied here…from my perspective…

    as the Descarte’s mind-body concept becomes interwoven…and not separate entities

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