Concussion Conglomeration “Road Marker” (UPDATED FREE ARTICLE LINK)

A paramount review of concussions and their “long-term” effects has been published (or soon will) in Nature Reviews Neurology that I certainly hope does not slip past the masses.  Not only is the information somewhat of a “where we stand”-moment of clarity, it is authored by a very underrated and proficient researcher; Dr. Barry D. Jordan.

Jordan, B. D. Nat. Rev. Neurol. advance online publication 12 March 2013; doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2013.33 (note you need a log in).  Here is the FREE DOWNLOAD LINK

Acute and chronic sports-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a substantial public health concern. Various types of acute TBI can occur in sport, but detection and management of cerebral concussion is of greatest importance as mismanagement of this syndrome can lead to persistent or chronic postconcussion syndrome (CPCS) or diffuse cerebral swelling. Chronic TBI encompasses a spectrum of disorders that are associated with long-term consequences of brain injury, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), dementia pugilistica, post-traumatic parkinsonism, post-traumatic dementia and CPCS.

Dr. Jordan also discussed CTE in further detail including the limitations of possible antemortem detection; including imaging and categorization.

In this Review, the spectrum of acute and chronic sport-related TBI is discussed, highlighting how examination of athletes involved in high-impact sports has advanced our understanding of pathology of brain injury and enabled improvements in detection and diagnosis of sport-related TBI.

The overriding theme I gathered from this review article is one that I have been hammering home for a very long time: the mismanagement of the original sequale may be the largest factor in discussion the multiple faces of “chronic TBI” that result from concussion.  This paper is also very succinct in demonstrating the massive amount of work that still needs to be done.

I urge you to find a copy or pay for a subscription for this article, it should be one that we look back on in 5 years as the “where have we come from” moment in this issue, regarding chronic issues from sports related concussion.

3 thoughts on “Concussion Conglomeration “Road Marker” (UPDATED FREE ARTICLE LINK)

  1. George Visger March 27, 2013 / 14:51

    Good job Dr Jordan!
    I can personally attest to the long term consequences of not treating TBIs. First concussed, unconscious in a worthless bull-in-the-ring drill at age 13 during my 3rd year of Pop Warner. Hospitalized that night and held out for 3 weeks. Only concussion I ever missed time over. Played on an undefeated nationally ranked AA Stagg High squad in 75, in the 77 Orange Bowl with Colorado and in the 81 Super Bowl with the 49ers. Played several games over the years with no memory of doing so after the game. Ultimately developed hydrocephalus (water on the brain) during the 81 Super Bowl season and underwent emergency VP Shunt brain surgery. Also developed gran mal seizures. Now on bran surgery # 9. Have been a wildlife biologist/environmental consultant since 1990 and began The Visger Group – Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting in 2010. I work directly with Dr Ellenbogen of the NFL on rule changes to reduce TBI in football (see The Visger Rules; Sport Digest 12/16/10).

    Not many want to hear what you and I have to say. I’ve been an outspoken advocate for changing the culture of football for years, and work with several TBI groups such as veterans and pediatric groups.

    ESPN OUTSIDE THE LINES: The Damage Done 020813

    George Visger
    Wildlife Biologist/TBI Consultant
    The Visger Group
    Sacramento, CA

  2. joe bloggs March 27, 2013 / 17:32

    While Dr. Jordan is not well known in the public or the press, he is revered in the scientific community for his extraordinary understanding of TBI and its treatment. He is one of a handful of experts around the world that could crack the code on these matters.

    He seems to let his work stand on its own, and he has never retained a PR flack to promote his work.

    It is astonishing so much time and money is directed at lesser minds when Jordan and his colleagues could do so much.

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