Anyone Want Money?

Basic RGBWell according to our comment section there are many of you out there looking for solutions; along with the efforts of established companies, like the helmet makers.  Now you can draw up and submit any ideas to the efforts of General Electric and the National Football League;

GE and the National Football League’s Head Health Challenge I aims to develop new solutions to help diagnose mild traumatic brain injury and invites proposals for scanning technologies and biomarkers that can accelerate growth. This four-year, $60 million partnership aims to improve the safety of athletes, members of the military and society overall.

The above is only step one, you have 111 days left to complete step 2;

We are seeking viable technologies for detecting early stage mild traumatic brain injuries at all stages of development for Challenge I. Ideas are welcome from all industries, organizations, and technical fields.

Visit the above linked website for further details and required forms.  I implore those that feel they have a technological solution to make the effort.  I will say this as candidly as possible; you cannot do it alone, you WILL and MUST have the resources and “blessings” of the NFL to get things done in the concussion effort.

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