Video Thursday

Here are a couple of videos to tide you over until some time next week!

In the first one we can hear how the military began their concussion management protocol.  Although not enough it was way ahead of the curve on concussion management.




Here is one that shows a compilation of big hits found on YouTube.  Watch all the football ones and the vast majority are “clean” hits.  Then take into account all the other sports and think back to my mantra here: “The injury of concussion is not the elephant in the room, rather, it is the mismanagement of the concussion that is problem.”  Then tell me you didn’t throw up in your mouth at the last clip…




3 thoughts on “Video Thursday

  1. joe bloggs February 28, 2013 / 14:04

    Gen. Chiarelli fails to say it took the military until 2009 to basically do anything. Col. Hoge and ASG Gen Schoomaker et al. made every attempt to claim brain injuries were psychiatric injuries. The documentation of brain injuries were largely destroyed in theater. He should also stop promoting blast injuries as the same as sports brain injuries even the DoDs medical team finally admitted as much in 2009. Screening done with ANAM a sports concussion NP (ANAM) instrument failed to show any utility. While DoD now admits 253,000 cases of TBI (note DoD mild TBI you can have a 30 minute LOC), we still have no idea how many service members were exposed

    Why does Chiarelli not talk about the game changing research conducted by DoD such as Banyan Biomarkers, DTI, Neuren NNZ-256? Because those programs and almost 400 others including but not limited to Reike, Yoga, Omega-3, Hyperbaric Oxygen never worked. The studies were never properly designed so the results would be nonsense. Most of the programs were nonsense anyway.

    Perhaps Chiarelli would better serve the public by having a truth commission and identifying those who failed in the mission. Who got the money? How many friends and family programs? Who will pay for letting down the troops? Gen Dempsey is not sure the public will pay for it. Most senior members of Medcom involved in TBI as well as NICOE and DCOE senior staff should be investigated for gross indifference and malfeasance.

    Finally Chiarelli and Goodell need to stop trying to associate football with combat. It is an insult to the services and more importantly it is being used to delay meaningful scientific research.

    This is simply a smoke screen promoted by two culpable entities, NFL and DoD, to cover their tracks.

  2. Robert A. Arnone, D.C. March 1, 2013 / 05:31

    I will say it again and I will keep saying it until people actually will listen: The Concussion Injury takes place at the junction between the head and the neck where the Brainstem resides.
    This is a subluxation issue which causes torque and tension on the Brainstem. The only doctor with the proper qualifications to detect and to correct the concussion injury is The Upper Cervical Specific Doctor of Chiropractic.

  3. Kris Pitcairn March 1, 2013 / 11:25

    Brain State Technologies,, is seeing very good responses from their leading edge neurotechnology, Brainwave Optimization with RTB (real time balancing), for the relief of post concussion syndrome. Wake Forest School of Medicine, Charles H. Tegeler, M.D., neurologist/facilitator, has been conducting clinical studies involving Brainwave Optimization. Several pro athletes have come out in endorsement of this process, with many others having successfully participated, yet staying anonymous.

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