This Is How You Teach About Concussions

Stephania Bell of ESPN absolutely knocked this teachable moment on concussions out of the park.  I really appreciate her discussing not only the qualifiers/labels on concussions – BTW Eagles just as there is no such thing as a “mild” concussion there is no such thing as a “significant concussion” they are all significant brain injuries – but the recovery time associated with concussions.  Thank you for listening Stephania and thank you for this great segment!


FWIW, from my sources around the league the NFLPA may want a specialist on the sideline, but the owners are resistant to this for two primary reasons: 1. cost and 2. unfamiliarity with the players.  The second would be more of a player issue rather than an owner issue, however it seems we will not see any owner override his MD’s on the sideline.  Again this all boils down to possible conflicts of interest.

2 thoughts on “This Is How You Teach About Concussions

  1. joe bloggs November 14, 2012 / 10:56

    Well done, ESPN! Dustin, you should put that on a loop.

  2. Chris November 14, 2012 / 15:08

    Sideline “Brain Cops”? Thank you, Dustin! Stehpania highlights the need for all players and staff to be fully educated in concussion awareness because a single “Concussion Specialist” does not act like a video replay advisor, alone in a booth. They will rely on the truthful and timely information provided by the player and coaching staff and would make decisions based on that input that could affect not just the game, but the player’s career and life. Their authoritative decision regarding continuing player activity should be absolute. Dis-obeying their rulings or attempting to influence the outcome of an evaluation by falsifying information given to them should result in heavy team and player penalties.

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