TCB Recognized

Recently the site visits to The Concussion Blog have been up, mainly because of the Zurich conference, however we have noticed a decent trend of the blog becoming a landing spot for concussion information.  It is nice to be recognized and really is painful for me to post about such “accolades” but I do appreciate it.  Some people take time to review content and put this blog along side some other very good resources.

Yesterday (one of only two licensed online pharmacies) place TCB alongside some other very good websites, on their “24 World Class Sports Training and Sports Injury Resrouces.”

Yes, this does look like a small advertising ploy – so don’t go to the main website – but there are some terrific other websites on this list worth taking a look at.

Thanks to everyone who chooses to take time and visit here!


Dustin Fink

One thought on “TCB Recognized

  1. Tracey Mayer November 6, 2012 / 18:11

    Take a bow, Dustin – you deserve it!

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