More Helmet News: Oversized Helmet?

Will Carroll (@injuryexpert) pointed out an article this morning from the Miami Herald regarding Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas;

Thomas said he passed the NFL-mandated cognitive tests Monday, and will now practice and play with an oversized helmet designed to minimize trauma to the brain.

I immediately thought to some of the many emails I receive regarding concussions, it was from ProCap; the soft shield placed on the outside of the helmet to reduce linear forces.  It has been re-branded and changed a bit to conform to the newer helmets (as you can see in the picture above).

This is no different from the CRT Technology that was in the previous Harrison post; it possibly will reduce the linear forces, but again how does it affect the acceleration/deceleration/rotation of the head which in turn effectively “moves/sloshes” the brain around inside the skull.

Without seeing what Thomas will be wearing this is our best guess, we will be interested to see any photos of what he is donning.

One thought on “More Helmet News: Oversized Helmet?

  1. Glenn Beckmann October 17, 2012 / 11:15

    Regarding ProCap, the NFL warned players against that specific product in a communication to players in 2011. Here are the exact passages:

    ProCap Helmet – The NFL Injury and Safety Panel is of the opinion that ProCap helmets have certain characteristics that contribute to catastrophic neck injury which could result in death. In addition, the panel also believes that the ProCap helmet insulates heat and as a result may contribute to heat-related injuries or illness.
    o Players are encouraged to consult with their teams’ medical staff if they have further questions about the ProCap helmet device.

    This excerpt appears on page 11. Here’s the link to the file, which is on blog:

    Click to access 2011-synopsis-of-the-policies-final-8-19-11-5081.pdf

    Granted, this is the 2011 NFL policies synopsis, so they may have changed their position. But this is still worrisome.

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