Zurich Update

With less than one month until the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport I thought I would give you an update on where TCB and myself stand on attending.  Let me begin by saying that the registration process and “customer support” is very slow and chaotic.

Upon registration, it took nearly 4 weeks to get a response and I wasn’t the only one; others had the same experience.  When FIFA finally got back to me they told me that I was on the wait list because there were no more seats.  Which was odd because I was told in an email two days prior to registering (month before email) there were still “plenty of seats”.

However there was a small problem, with the donations I received (nearly $400) I was able to use that plus some of my money to begin working on travel arrangements, including purchasing the nonrefundable plane ticket to Zürich.  Needless to say I was panicked a bit, however I found that a fellow concerned person would no longer be able to attend.

Thanks to Katherine Price Snedaker of sportscapp.com I will be confirmed a seat at the conference as her registration will be (or we hope as the wonderful lines of communication are about as fast as pigeons) transferred to me.  All said and done I was able to squeeze out some money and get there; not only do I think it is important to be able to report on the event (maybe even real-time), but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit amongst some of the most prevalent researchers in concussions.

I am also still taking donations as I will have to repay a vast majority of this…  Because I said this was going to be an “open” book investment for people below is the costs;

  • $300 registration
  • $1,098 flight
  • $965 hotel
  • TOTAL roughly $2,350

Thanks to all donated I really appreciate it without your donations I wouldn’t have been able to scratch enough together…


One thought on “Zurich Update

  1. brokenbrilliant October 6, 2012 / 07:26

    To take the pressure off regarding your travel costs, I believe you can get travel insurance that will cover the cost of your airfare, hotel, etc., regardless of reason for not going. A lot of insurances have requirements around why you can’t go, but some policies will cover you for your expenses regardless of the reason. Check around… I really hope you can attend — having insurance in place, for a worst-case scenario, might take the edge off what could be an otherwise very exciting experience.

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