Dietary Concerns and Concussions

I was given the name of a person who has some interesting theories on concussions through this blog.  I wanted to see what he had to say so I contacted him and asked that he write, in his own words, what he is thinking.  Not only does the below blog do a good job of that it also can explain why concussions are more of an issue now.  It would answer the comments “back in my day it wasn’t a problem”, this reader and now writer deserves our attention world!

With regard to the susceptibility to concussions occurring and the factors involved in helping the brain heal itself–I am reminded of a famous saying from the past by Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) “In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” In other words, today many can not see the forest for the trees!

I have spent the last 22 years of my life studying the interaction of essential fatty acid (EFA) metabolism and human physiology and the dietary manipulation of eicosanoids–all thanks to the deceased eminent researcher Dr. David Horrobin and his lovely wife Sherry Clarkson.  I would also like to mention Dr. Mehar Manku (current editor Medical Hypothesis), he was instrumental in the early 90’s in introducing me to essential fatty acids and disease.

To keep this brief —

1) A major factor in the increased prevalence of concussions has been all but overlooked by the medical community. The brain is approximately 70% fat and science supports the fact that the cell membranes due to a shift in diet to processed and adulterated fats from “live fats and EFAs” has lost 9-12% flexibility,fluidity,pliability etc. In other words,cell membrane integrity has been compromised making the tissue more rigid inside the skull and leading to increased susceptibility to concussion with the same trauma as compared to earlier generations.

2) The opportunity to help the brain repair itself has been basically overlooked except in the research arena at places like John Hopkins and Harvard. I am referring to dietary manipulation of eicosanoids using EFA derivatives,dietary changes and proven nutritional supplements. The great part of this approach is there is no down side or side effects. I have been helping people recover from many health issues including brain trauma for 20 years. It is a simple concept,namely give the brain what it needs to fix itself and help the raw materials get there (this is the part that is missed–the transport system).

Dr. Patricia Kane who was greatly influenced by my mentor Dr. David Horrobin, has been doing great work in this area and is affiliated with the Lipid clinic at John Hopkins has a great saying–“If you heal the cell membrane,then you heal the body and the brain. It is absolutely the truth –having experienced incredible “miracles” of healing with hundreds of people over the last 20+ years. Another expert that should be contacted regarding lipids and healing the brain is Dr. Mary Enig of the Weston Price Foundation. For those ill-informed–she blew the whistle on dangerous trans fats 10 years before anyone would listen in the 70s and 80s. These fats today still present a major threat to mankind in our food and especially to the destruction of the human brain.

Science is slow and often too bureaucratic today. Most people with traumatic brain injury or post traumatic stress disorder can be healed from 50-100% via dietary manipulation of eicosanoids to restore cell membrane integrity, restore the transport system and re-balance eicosanoids especially the critical prostaglandin 1 (PGE1).

Hopefully this blog will open people’s minds and they will go beyond the external obvious factors involved in concussions and start to understand that the unit of life is the cell and without cells functioning properly how can the brain function properly.  Please–someone teach the medical profession the basics of EFA biochemistry and nutrition as it impacts human physiology. Wake up world!

Let’s help everyone get healthy,
Paul Beatty

I really appreciate the time and post from Paul.  Please comment on this and pass it along to others so we can explore another avenue in this concussion issue.


13 thoughts on “Dietary Concerns and Concussions

  1. Paul Beatty October 2, 2012 / 10:37

    Just so nobody gets the idea that my blog is just theory–it was proven and published scientifically in the 90s by Efamol Research out of the UK that 3000mg of specific EFA supplement makes the skin 9.8% to 12.2% younger as measured by elasticity smoothness,water retention,plyability etc. Currently, an acquaintance of mine Brian Peskin at a Texas university has applied for a patent after showing this same result in arteries by using EFAs. In summary, this is no theory, but at least a major association. Having produced “miracle” results with people from severe brain trauma from vehicular accidents, it is time that people woke up and realized you are what you eat and you are what you dont eat. The answer to helping peoples brains heal lies in the building material used and the transport system. Layman translation–manipulation of eicosanoids through dietary intervention. Learn more by going to lifesavingfats– let us help our fellow man–drugs are not the answer! Thanks for listening—Paul F Beatty BA,BPHE,MBA

    • joe bloggs October 3, 2012 / 09:49

      Mr. Beatty,

      Younger more youthful skin. Don’t you think every major cosmetics company would be flogging this stuff even if it was not true.

      Brian Peskin does not seem to be currently affiliated with Texas Southern University in the Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He was an adjunct from 1998-1999. He claims a degree as an EE from MIT. He seems like his business is promoting pseudo-scientific claptrap for profit.

      It is quite clear you are laymen trying to spin this unsubstantiated drivel.

      Eating well is not going to cure damage. It might moderate some symptoms in some people.

      In the meantime, if you have going to present or promote something on this blog bring the citations. Check your facts. We will confirm them.

      • Paul Beatty October 3, 2012 / 12:26

        Dear Mr.Joe Bloggs: Why are you so angry and confrontational. Anyone who knows anything about EFA biochemisrty knows that the double bond in linoleic acid and the triple bond in gamma-linolenic acid is highly susceptible to oxidation from light,heat and oxygen. As a consequence,these molecules do not lend themselves to work in creams or lotions in the cosmetics industry. However,this has not stopped companies from putting evening primrose,borage oil etc in products and marketing them. Bottom line is that LCPUFAs present a major delivery problem— currently the best form of oral supplements is to protect against oxidation by gelatin(usually beef gelatin) capsules with antioxidants added(usually Vit E) . Any skin product using LCPUFAs in creams and lotions is really just a scam. Mr. Bloggs, I brought up Brian Peskins name in hopes that you would search out his excellent book entitled “the Hidden Story of Cancer” Although I agree with most of what Mr.Peskin researched, I find him like so many selling and pushing products and as a result bending the truth. As I have told Brian regarding his condemnation of fish oils — the real issues are whole triglycerides vs ethyl esters of omega 3s, pharmocological overdoses of Omega 3 derivatives without balancing Omega 6 derivatives. However,this aside and quackwatches interpretation of the world— one should minimize the tremendous contributions of Dr. Otto Warburg and Brians relentless work to connect research dots. Regarding your defamation of my character it is obvious you are just a disgruntled concussed individual who cannot open their mind to knowledge—this is one of the reasons I do not waste my time on the internet blogs,but spend my time actually helping people. By the way–since you into pointing fingers—what is your education level(I have 3 degrees from McMaster U.) In the 90s when I was more of an activists I helped produce a prime time special of one hour on the “Nature of Things” regarding CFS/Fibro. and EFAs. Yes, I have published numerous times in The Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition in the 90s. I have spent the last 15 years though helping individuals heal themselves through manipulation of eicosanoids. People contact me from all over the globe and many MDs with cancer and other health issues have found their way to my front door. I want you to know that I DO NOT sell any products and never have. I recommend what people should buy from whatever source they wish. I made this decision long ago because the health food trade as well as the Pharmaceutical and medical trade are fraught with deception and corruption. My role in helping 100s if not 1000s recover their health has been predicated on truth and integrity and making sure no harm. It has been a financial struggle for years,as it was for Dr. Horrobin. Pioneering is not for the faint of heart. As far as you comments regarding David Horrobin–you need to check out some of his patents (like #108),please google past wikepedia if you want to find some truth. Also Caroline who made the comments about “worlds greatest snake oil salesman—was forced to apologize in the British Medical Journal–but the real truth about her is the wrath of a women scorned from their days together at the publishing co. My point to you , Mr. Bloggs is that you read something and think it is the truth. I was there, I have been involved for 22 years and remember essential fatty acids represent one of the biggest threats to the pharmaceutical trade and the whole packaged goods industry. Dr. Horrobin was always for the patients,he was a kind soul,and he did not have a chance long term financially with natural EFAs. He did not fraudulently deceive anyone–however he did try every means possible to keep his baby Efamol Research alive–in the end he was ousted because he could not please shareholders with enough profits. Efamol Research was never profitable because Horrobin plowed 35% of all revenue back into R&D. Once Dr. Horrobin was ousted his health deteriorated even though he continued to publish. Saddly he died like so many do today contracting pneumonia at a hospital while battling rare mantel cell lymphoma. He was a genious, a pioneer and a truly kind and inspiring man. It is so sad that pioneers and geniouses are always bashed by their peers (just professional jealousy and lack of insight) History tells us this is the way all great men or women (Dr Joanna Budwig) are treated in the present and immortalized decades after they pass on. If you want more of the truth I suggest you personally contact Dr. Mary Enig, Dr.Patricia Kane, Dr. Udo Erasmus, Dr.Mehar Manku or call me directly. In the meantime,if you want help with your health or have questions about the biochemistry of EFAs—please call me —I dont hawk anything other than free knowledge and results that speak for themselves. Calm down and heal!

      • joe bloggs October 3, 2012 / 13:13

        Mr. Beatty,

        I am not angry nor recovering from a concussion.

        I hold two degrees from Ivies and done a considerable amount of post-doc work. I have spent nearly twenty years involved researching diseases of the CNS with much of last decade involved in TBI research. (Often with Big Pharma, biotechs and not-for-profits)I have been granted several US and international patents.

        I am familiar with Warburg’s work in cancer and the work of Cornerstone Therapeutics has attempted to commercialize his insights (the 1922 paper). Promising early results have not yet been confirmed.

        It seems McMaster failed to teach the scientific method. It was developed for a reason and while one can argue the limitations of it, it stands between us and quackery. Perhaps you will conduct a proper study so we can finally be so enlightened as to adopt your methods. Otherwise, you are simply selling hope wrapped-up in pseudo-science. Don’t tell me about case studies show hard data.

        As I said in a previous post, concussion and TBI have become a prime venue for snake-oil salesmen. Joe Maroon and his brain boost, Julien Balies Nordic Naturals and CSF pressure collar, helmet appliques of all forms, Harch’s HBOT therapy, helmet sensors, Amen’s SPECT imaging and that is only in the civilian space. Military medicine has researched every quack promoted treatment one can think of including but not limited to Reike, positive thinking, qEEG, Battleminds and yoga. One would think the military had just beamed onto a commune in 1966. None of these idiotic interventions has proven to be clinically useful. No one questions it because everyone’s last science class was high school biology. Hundreds of millions wasted on promises that don’t payoff.

        Let me be clear, good nutrition is necessary for healing. On the other hand, it will not repair brain damage nor will it interrupt the progression of neurodegenerative disease.

        Charismatic zealots have been pushing magic cures for centuries and in the end many people suffer needlessly. Repeat after me, Steve Jobs. He had a form of cancer that was curable and macrobiotics killed him.

        As far as Horrobin, let’s see what Dr. Goldacre says about him,

        In 1990, two academics had their review of the data binned by the journal after Horrobin’s lawyers got involved. In 1995 the Department of Health commissioned a meta-analysis from a renowned epidemiologist. This included 10 unpublished studies held by the company which was marketing evening primrose oil. The ensuing scene was only fully described by Professor Hywel Williams a decade later (full quotes and references at The company erupted over a leak, and the Department of Health forced all authors and referees to sign written statements to reassure the company. They were not allowed to publish their report. Alternative therapy, the peoples’ medicine! It has since been shown that evening primrose oil is not effective in eczema, and it has lost its medicines license.

        I’m not saying that Equazen are doing anything illegal, or breaking any regulation, but there is a theme here. Undisclosed research data, and advocacy by proxy in the media, are in fact well trodden paths for the pharmaceutical industry, and the food supplement industry, it seems, are no different. In an environment where it is difficult to make claims for food supplements explicitly in adverts, companies will inevitably be even more imaginative about how to get their message across: but personally, I think I’d rather see it in the adverts than on the news pages.

        Big Pharma And Pill Peddlers

        Perhaps you have been suckered as Horribon did have a habit of not publishing studies that failed to promote his theories.

  2. joe bloggs October 2, 2012 / 11:10

    It is an interesting theory but I have found little in the literature that supports the hypothesis. Omega 3/Omega 6 EFA meta analysis has failed to demonstrate positive effects in Alzheimer’s. Cardiac effects are more controversial depending on the method used to analyze the meta data.

    It probably can’t adults hurt eating some fatty fish a few times a week (mercury can be an issue in children). The B family of vitamins (6 and 12 esp.), and D at reasonable levels are fine.

    Dumping processed food is also a good idea as the body does not need to deal with complex chemicals while healing.

    More double-blind studies are needed but one should not suppose that tau spotting can or will be repaired simply through nutrition. It is a reach.

  3. Paul Beatty October 2, 2012 / 12:39

    In order to get a clear understanding of Omega6 and3 as they relate to human physiology,one must look at the legacy of the “Father of Clinical Medicine with EFAs” ,Dr. David Horrobin. Over 1000 published scientific articles,100s of clinical trials, and over 100 patents issued regarding disease and EFAs. The problem that Americans have is they dont seem to think anyone outside their shores is smarter then they are. Go to medical hypothesis and to the Journal–“Prostaglandins,Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids” for insight. By the way–guess who started these Journals–why of course David Horrobin–the pioneer of EFA metabolism and human health. By the way– as is commonly misunderstood thanks to Dr, Barry Sears(the Zone) and the healthfood lay press—Omega 6 derivatives are far more important than EPA/DHA in the transport system (ie blood flow to temporal lobe) and in counteracting inflammation via PGE1. As well as the B vitamins,vit C —magnesium,zinc,calcium,iron are all critical in converting CLA (cis linoleic acid) to GLA then to DGLA then to PGE1. PGE1 prevents the release of Free Arachidonlc acid and therefore the inflammatory response of leukotrienes is NOT released on the Omega 6 pathway, but the most powerful anti inflammatory response is –Prostaglandin1. The pathway must be opened for Omega 3 (esp. derivativesEPA/DHA) to incorporate into cell membranes in the brain. Fish and omega 3s only make up a small part of the solution. Total understanding of the factors that inhibit and impair the delta 6,5,4 enzymes is critical to opening the transport system. The trouble with all this is that the scientific community relies on the scientific method to access results (ie-hold everything constant and measure results of a molecule) Double blind crossover trials with EFA combinations and co factors included is the route to go. Only Horrobin has done these types of trials. At the cell level, the discovery ongoing of eicosanoids has proven to be more complex than man ever imagined. In this complex world of the cell membrane with its what seems endless feedback mechanisms and loops– the goodnews is that once again Nature shows its evolutionary side with symmetry and purpose and logic. If you give the brain the materials to repair itself AND the materials can get to the site they are needed (THE TRANSPORT SYSTEM) the cell membrane heals itself and the regulatory eicosanoids take control. Search data basis all you want—the Truth is in results and I have many miracles that people may want to talk to. Remember–not only can the Pharmaceutical industry not turn lipids into drugs because of oxidation–also the packaged food industry depends on you not knowing that live lipids spoil via heat,light and oxygen in very little time. Would you eat a Omega 3 fish that sat on the dock for 3 days. Again, wake up you so called experts–help people with the truth rather than only thinking about your wallets!

    • joe bloggs October 2, 2012 / 14:47

      I do look off-shore for scientific insight. On the other hand, the scientific method is the only thing standing to between bogus claims based on anecdotal events and real results.

      Your reply sounded like a late night infomercial so I found the journals mentioned and found dug up Dr. Horroben’s wikipedia entry.

      David Frederick Horrobin (6 October 1939 – 1 April 2003) was an entrepreneur, medical researcher, author and editor. He is best known as the founder of the biotechnology company Scotia Holdings and as a promoter of evening primrose oil as a medical treatment,[1] Horrobin was founder and editor of the journals Medical Hypotheses and Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, the latter journal (initially titled Prostaglandins and Medicine) co-founded with his then graduate student Morris Karmazyn.

      Horrobin believed that many diseases involve a lack of fatty acid precursors and might be alleviated by supplementing with the appropriate fatty acid.[2] Horrobin’s efforts focused on evening primrose oil, which contains gamma-linolenic acid. In the 1980s, Horrobin sold primrose oil in the United States without legally demonstrating its safety and efficacy,[3] leading to government confiscations and felony indictments of his associates.[4][5] Horrobin was later accused of withholding research data and suppressing the reports of scientists who questioned his claims.[6][7] During Horrobin’s tenure as chief executive, Scotia Pharmaceuticals obtained licences for several drugs based on evening primrose oil, but these licenses were withdrawn for lack of efficacy.[8] Amidst charges of mismanagement and research fraud, Horrobin was ousted as CEO by a unanimous vote of the board and left the company in 1998. In 2001, Scotia, one of the first publicly-traded biotechnology companies in the United Kingdom,[9] also became the first to collapse.[1][10] After Horrobin’s departure from Scotia, he founded Laxdale Ltd., a company that investigated omega-3 fatty acids as possible treatments for schizophrenia and neurodegenerative diseases.

      Horrobin died of pneumonia as a complication of mantle cell lymphoma in 2003. Obituaries noted his contributions to the biotechnology industry, intellectual acumen, original thinking and adventurousness, while some criticised his promotion of primrose oil and other questionable claims.[11] Notably controversial[5][12][13][14] obituaries in The Independent[11] and the British Medical Journal[15] angered Horrobin’s friends and family by also portraying negative aspects of Horrobin’s life, with the BMJ obituary stating that Horrobin “may prove to be the greatest snake oil salesman of his age”.[15]

      So before you make broad pronouncements, perhaps you should cite hard science. Concussion is a serious matter that has suffered from extraordinary unsubstantiated claims for all sorts of hucksters.

  4. Paul Beatty October 7, 2012 / 11:28

    Dear Mr. Joe Bloggs: Thank you again for your remarks. Let me first say on my Oct. 3 blog that I meant to say “we should NOT underestimate the contributions of Warburg and Peskin. I strongly recommend you purchase “The Hidden Srory Of Cancer” and scientifically scrutinize it. Regarding the scientific method–I agree with your thoughts and McMaster U. preaches it like any prestigious University. The problem today is all the dishonesty and lack of integrity,omission of select data,promotion of associations etc.,etc. II am not here to judge the moral fibre of anyone or any institution–my concern has always been in seeking the truth and helping my fellow human. I agree with you that quackery is everywhere as people sell there souls for the almighty dollar. I never sell hope —I give hope so that people will not give up. MDs on the other hand quote statistics that in retrospect sell despair. I always preach optimism and safe science. As far as Steve Jobs goes— he was a vegan and I see so many strict vegans with cancer it is incredible. I believe that much of this phenomena is the result of EFA and co-factor deficiencies. Remember the importance of double and triple bonds in EFAs regarding delivering oxygen to the mitochondria. When I speak and bring this topic up amidst hostility I always tell people who started the vegan movement—Linda McCartney and Olivia Newton-John–what happened to both of them! I believe it is always dangerous to radically change your dietary intake away from your parents and grandparents. Evolution and adaptability take time! Brain damage and nerve damage can be repaired in varying percentages by use of EFAs and co-factors—I have witnessed it many times in dogs,children and adults. I f you wuold like to speak to some of these people then just give me a call and I will forward their phone numbers to you. Regarding the healing of the brain— the use of pain killers (tylenol,aspirin etc.) is totally counterproductive with respect to restoring eicosanoid balance and the transport system. Pain killers,steroids,NSAIDS, aspirin, not only block the cyclo-oxygenase enzyme system and impair release of free arachidonic acid — they also block the production and release of many “good” eicosanoids like PGE1 and production of prostacylclin. There is a better way to address the inflammation and pain (headaches)—however a comprehensive understanding of EFA biochemistry must be undertaken. Thinking again about Steve Jobs—perhaps yo would like to speak to a lady who came to me approx. 10 years ago with pancreatic cancer,liver cancer,colon cancer and a tumour wrapped around her aorta. Perhaps you would like to speak to some brain trauma people who have at least partially recovered??? In the end Mr. Joe–I am only interested in results that help improve the lives of suffering individuals–I leave all the flawed science,corrupt companies and immoral individuals to the money—thats all most of them care about! Look forward to speaking with you some day.

    • guest122 January 27, 2014 / 17:43

      I’ve done limited research on EFA’s but I’m also of the opinion that both Omega 3 and Omega 6 are required for optimal health. Since traditional medical experts have no treatment for post concussion, it seems obvious that further research is required by holistic methods. Omega 3 fish oils are beneficial and well acknowledged but why hasn’t there been research on Black currant seed oil or extract? Black current seed, both the oil and extract contain GLA – omega 6, and ALA – omega 3. Furthermore, black currant contains flavonoids which are antioxidants highly beneficial to both the brain and ocular health. I also believe that they should be taken separately, one day just omega 3 DHA only, next day black currant, next day omega 3 DHA and EPA.

      • Paul Beatty January 29, 2014 / 11:37

        .You are on the right track for helping people recover from concussions and preventing many. The key is to restore cell membrane integrity and manipulate eicosanoids so repair takes place. the biggest stumbling block is inflammation and compromised transport system. Increasing PGE1 is the first priority — how can the brain heal if blood flow to the damaged area is restricted. PGE1 is the main peripheral vasodilator and anti-inflammatory eicosanoid. To max. PGE1 (2 parts GLA to 1 part EPA). Co factors ( Bs,Mg,Zinc,Vit C, calcium etc. are critical on this pathway. GLA in black currant is different then GLA in EPO or Borage. The position of the GLA on the triglyceride and the company it keeps on the triglyceride affects the eicosanoid outcome. Only use EPO (best is Efamol from UK) and use cod liver oil only the whole triglyceride and NOT ethyl esters. Remember also that DHA can revert to EPA (back up the metabolic pathway) and this is only applicable to DHA as a fatty acid. Omega 3 fish oils with high concentrations of EPA/DHA and primarily ethyl esters should be avoided (see Lipids –Jan 2014 Why fish oil is dangerous long term and in high doses. -Brian Peskin) The rule should be to balance eicosanoids– Never take Omega 3 derivatives without taking balancing Omega 6 derivatives. In summary, if the brain is broken and needs repair and is 60%+ fat — dont you think we need to repair it with the proper material and make sure the material gets to the job sight (transport system). Also remember that the big road blocks (impairment of delta6,5,4 enzymes) stress hormones, insulin response(sugar),processed oils and trans fats and more. I am glad some blog readers are looking for answers that actually help these people recover (done it to many) rather than feed their own financial interests and egos. If it works and is safe why must we make everything so bureaucratic — Big Pharma is about money not people!

  5. Gary Lynch August 20, 2013 / 18:51

    Paul knows what he is talking about and has my and many others full attention when he delivers he important message regarding EFAs and their Co-Factors … The people that he has helped and attest to this very important knowledge regarding their health and return to good health are all forever grateful they met him. I too have benefited from Paul’s message … So please acknowledge the fact that reality and theory don’t often have the same conclusions … as you are most likely aware “The great tragedy of Science-the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.” Thomas Huxley

    • Cecilia Di Benedetto April 18, 2015 / 23:28

      Thank you, Mr. Lynch for saying this. I am not a scientist, but I wanted to say that Dr. Horrobin’s hard work and dedication to researching EFA’s is echoing in my own life as well as in the lives of members of my family through the continued efforts of Mr. Paul Beatty.

      I met Paul at a seminar 11 years ago when I was first diagnosed with Bi-Polar Depression and told by the doctors that I would have to take Lithium for the rest of my natural life. Sadly, I did not respond right away to Paul’s recommendation of EFA’s and vitamin/mineral supplementation and went on to suffer another 8 years with my condition. Back when I first met Paul there wasn’t any talk about Omega 3 or 6 out there. It was the first I had ever heard of these terms.

      So instead, for 8 years I was bouncing from one medication to another because they either made me so depressed I attempted suicide or they made me so on edge and jumpy that I became delusional and ended up in hospital either way. During a calm period of my life I had a child and he ended up being born with a rare neurological condition (of course in retrospect, it is not surprising). By that point, I started seeing everything Paul taught at the seminar start popping up everywhere: Omega 3, this, Trans-fat, that. So I finally started connecting the dots with what was happening to me and also to my son (which I attribute to the medication I was taking as well as all the nutrient deficiency occurring in my body that I was unaware of at the time he was conceived).

      I finally phoned Paul out of the blue and asked him to give me the run-down again on EFA’s and cellular nutrition. It has been a long road and has required a lot of work on my part to get to a much better dietary lifestyle and to strictly follow the 1 to 3 ratio of the cod liver oil to evening primrose oil (respectively) on a daily basis, but I am so happy to report that after 3 years on the EFA’s and one full year on getting all my other nutrient deficiencies caught up (mostly iron, magnesium and zinc), I am healthier than I have ever been in my entire life including the time before my diagnosis all those years ago. I have successfully been able to wean myself slowly off of all the prescription medications and controlling the condition with just the EFA’s and other supplements and of course a fresh, healthy diet of live fats and other nutrients. I never thought I would see this day.

      Another family member of mine with fibromyalgia who suffered chronic pain for years reported to me that after only 6 weeks on the EFA’s, she no longer has pain in the morning when putting on her socks. This was an enormous milestone for her. Her daughter who suffered from chronic plantar warts all over her feet for years after 6 weeks on just the Omega 6 supplement found that all the warts fell off and the skin completely healed. Otherwise she was about to endure a new lazar therapy method that the dermatologist was recommending as a last resort.

      I could go on with testimonies just in my own family, but I will stop there. I cannot imagine the testimonies that Paul has gathered over 25 years of helping people not to mention Dr. Horrobin’s testimonies as well. The scientific method I am sure serves its purpose, but from a practical stand point how has it really helped those of us suffering from illness on a long term basis? It has kept us ill and needing more scientific method to try to figure out why it is keeping us ill and while all that is going on people are getting sicker and sicker.

      When something isn’t working (including a method of research) I think it begs the seeker to find another method. I do not believe that science should be dismissing case studies and personal testimonies. It requires more work and investigation, but in the end I think the truth cannot help but reveal itself. The meds do not work long term – they actually do a lot of damage long term. When I hear that heart specialists are recommending the consumption of Becel margarine to their patients with heart trouble because it is “low in saturated fat” instead of telling them to eat real creamery butter and real eggs to repair the cell lining – I think I’ll stick with the so-called pseudo scientists, thank you very much.

      I applaud Dr. Horrobin for thinking outside the box and I applaud Mr. Paul Beatty and others for continuing to put Dr. Horrobin’s research into practice and helping those of us who would otherwise be at the mercy of strict scientific method, and in my case probably be deceased before they reached the age of 35 years old.

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