Who Said This?

Here is a Monday quiz/trivia for you, who said this:

“I was paid to be a warhead–and anyone who came near me should get knocked into Hell!”

“(In prep ball) I quickly learned that is hurt more to get hit than it did to actually do the hitting. … Most high-school defensive players are passive. They sit back and wait for the opposition to come to them. This is bad, because a young player can get seriously hurt. When you lay back, the offensive man builds up his momentum and is doing the hitting while the defensive man is getting hit.”

“In college [at Ohio State] I developed quickly. I grew stronger and faster, and became a more aggressive an vicious tackler. … An important part of body control was, as Woody [Hayes] called it, mind control. This meant no late hits or cheap shots out of bounds. It was still rough and violent football, but my style of aggressive play was within the rules and regulations of the game.”

“[NFL football] becomes a war, and I am simply a warrior in a very physical way. As a warrior I must discourage running backs and receivers whenever they attempt to gain yardage against the defense. It is a physical and violent job, and quite often the end results are knockouts or serious injuries to my opponent. But it is just part of a very risky business.”

Mind you, as vicious as this player was his hits were mainly within the rules, yet the damage levied was both intimidating and long lasting to his opponents…

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