Sporting News Concussion Series

Over the past week The Sporting News has run a series about concussions; based on a survey of 125 former NFL players.  Granted the series was very informative, it again targets a sport that only shares responsibility in the concussion epidemic.  Staying too focused on one sport will only delay or even overlook the other problems across an active life.

I guess I have been on a kick lately to reinforce that the majority of all concussions do not come from organized sports.  Rather, traumatic brain injury (minor or major) occurs most often in recreational activities: bike riding, horseplay, wheeled activities, pick-up sports, etc.  The massive issue is not the concussion but the miss-identification and mismanagement of the concussion during sports.

Regardless it is worth the time to read all the articles in the series which are:

  • Three about the players and survey (Fog of Football, Am I Next?, Not Worth It)
  • What it means for the game
  • Could the NFL lose every thing
  • Keeping the next generation safer
  • Coaches weigh in

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