Re-launch of Concussion Vital Signs

As you know there are always choices out there for just about anything, concussion computer assessments are no different.  We have discussed about every platform on the blog.  I have talked about the use of a particular test as that is what was provided to me, but there are strides being taken by many companies to refine and create a reliable measure.  One computer test we highlighted a few years ago is now being re-launched by Pearson here is their press release.

This is not an endorsement of Concussion Vital Signs, rather a service to the reader, to find out what products are out there.  Feel free to comment…


Pearson Launches Concussion Management Assessment

to Protect the Future of Student Athletes


Affordable, Easy-to-Use Test, Resource Portal to Address Growing Public Health Issue Unveiled


SAN ANTONIO Aug. 1, 2012 – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately more than 1 million people suffer from concussions each year, and adolescent children who participate in sports are one of the highest risk groups for sustaining this type of traumatic brain injury. To help athletic trainers and other health professionals combat this epidemic of injuries that have the potential to result in brain damage and even death, Pearson is now the exclusive provider of Concussion Vital Signs, an affordable, flexible and comprehensive concussion management program that allows for testing, reporting, athlete roster management and education about concussion detection, all from one easy-to-use website:


Concussion Vital Signs is a scientifically valid, reliable and affordable web-based neurocognitive assessment platform developed by CNS Vital Signs to help schools and medical health professionals meet the public health needs of the growing number of individuals affected by a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion. Concussion Vital Signs provides a brief, web-based neurocognitive baseline and post-injury testing solution, a self-reported history, mobile-deployed sideline assessment, and a post-concussion symptom checklist. The evidence-based symptom scales and neurocognitive test results help qualified professionals collect important information used to inform “return-to-play” decision-making for athletes.


“After extensive research and discussions with athletic trainers and school administrators, we became quickly aware of the urgent need for schools to have an affordable, easy-to-use way to provide concussion management for all student athletes,” said Carol Watson, President, Pearson’s Clinical Assessment business. “Concussion Vital Signs allows schools to cost-effectively, transparently, systematically and flexibly address return-to-play decisions. This is about protecting the future of every athlete.”

Students registered in Concussion Vital Signs take an initial assessment before any injury occurs to establish an individual “NORMAL” neurocognitive (brain function) baseline so athletic trainers and doctors have a reference point they can use to assess an athlete’s neurocognitive function post-injury. The data from Concussion Vital Signs neurocognitive testing and symptom scales, along with other clinical endpoints, such as balance testing, history and physical exams, are generally used when making a decision on the athlete’s health status.

The Concussion Vital Signs platform also features a unique Clinician Portal that closes the gap between families and their personal healthcare professionals. The Clinician Portal allows qualified healthcare professionals to easily access and view, in real time, a student’s reports using login information provided by the student. Also, the Clinician Portal provides clinical professionals the option to administer the Concussion Vital Signs neurocognitive assessment to help assess the student’s recovery. This unique portal provides continuity of care for the athlete. Designed to be both affordable and easy to use for schools, Concussion Vital Signs offers special education pricing for unlimited usage per student. There are no hidden costs or costs for additional testing. Following the baseline assessment, the test can be re-administered to registered students as often as necessary to allow athletic trainers to test often and stay on top of any signs of potential injury.

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About Pearson
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