ATSNJ Sports Safety Summit Update

You have certainly seen me publicizing the Athletic Trainer Society of New Jersey and their 3rd Annual Sports Safety Summit, it is for a good reason.  Eric Nussbaum and his staff do a VERY, VERY good job!  I would travel that way for this event anytime, however I will be a keynote speaker in Iowa the day after (guess UPS and their “Logistics” can’t fix that for me).

But wait, there is some great news for anyone interested is seeing what all the hype is about, Eric emailed me yesterday to tell me that the Summit will be broadcast live, for FREE!  You will not be able to get CEU’s this way, but at the very least you can hear all the great information from the wonderful panel they have assembled.

Here are the deets:

  • All people will need to do is log onto their site, ( and register.
  • On the day of the event (August 1st) you simply log in to view.

Click the link at the top to get the information.  Here is a run down of the presenters:

  • Michael Goodman, MD – Considerations for the Pediatric Athlete with Concussion
  • Margot Putukian, MD – Evaluating the Concussed Athlete
  • Jason Mihalik, PhD, ATC – Alternative Treatment of Concussion
  • Ruben Echemendia, PhD, PysD – Neurocognitive Testing Considerations
  • Jeffery Kutcher, MD – KEYNOTE – State of Concussions 2012
  • Roundtable with above
  • James Goydos, MD – Skin Cancer Concerns for the Athlete
  • Christine Donnelly, MD – Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death
  • Francis O’Connor, MD – Heat Illness and Acclimatization
  • Ronald Nahass, MD – MRSA
  • Charles Gatt, MD – Adolescent Overuse Injuries

There will certainly be a reminder as we get closer…

One thought on “ATSNJ Sports Safety Summit Update

  1. A Concerned Mom August 1, 2012 / 12:34

    Some great presentations and information being provided. Missed some of the morning presentation, hope they have entire summit available afterwards. Thanks for providing the information for the live feed!

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